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So I went to wags to pick up my script n the lady asked for my insurance so I gave her my card n she comes up with this bs that she don't have the info she needs on the card n says I should call my insurance n get the info myself n bring back to the pharm. what kind of *** is that??

That's the only card my insurance gave me n there be no prob but now I have to go n come back so I tell her it should be her job to get his info for me n help n she has the nerve to get the pharmacist on me cause she can't face me herself. The pharmacist says some bs that's it my responsibility to provide insured info n I said I did with the card n now she's making me call them. So I go inside n tell her to call n the girl asks some bs about who my drug benefits are through...?? What??

Last time I effin checked its their job to get the people their meds. Then the pharm came up to me and told me to leave cause he didn't appreciate my tone!!!

I will be *** calling corporate n complaining about this w.h.o.r.e and *** pharmacist cause that's a not how you treat a customer. I am so pisssed!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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do you also ask the waiter to figure out your credit card number if you forgot you credit card at home?


Why do people complain rxs aren't done on time- because patients need hand holding because they don' t have the right ins info. Walk in the shoes of the tech for just 5 mins and you will gain an appreciation for what they deal with. By the way, your pharmacy benefit info from ins is not Always the same as medical benefitsbenefits.


I am a pharmacy tech. You CAN'T process an insurance claim without specific information and sometimes even the PRESCRIPTION card provided by an insurance company doesn't have all the information on it!

The other problem is that information sometimes changes and the insurance company doesn't send a new card, or the person didn't get it for a variety of reasons that are sometimes the patient's fault-they moved and didn't provide new mailing information to the insurance companies, or they didn't open their mail!

So we put in an ID# or a group# that has changed and the card is old so we have to call the insurance company. I spend more time on the phone with insurance companies getting information for patients and advocating for overrides for lost medication and vacation overrides and this post is just a person who doesn't understand how the system works and is being rude.


I'm glad you got kicked out! Good for Walgreens for not putting up with j.ackoffs like you!


Also, remember the insurance company will not always tell the pharmacist your private information...It's called the pt privacy act. duhhhh Furthermore, the prescription benefits are processed by usually a completely different company.

Before you post something so ignorant get your facts together and take responsibility for your own policy. It's hard to believe how extremely dumb people really are and how they just don't know how life really works.

The Pharmacists out there are just laughing at your stupidity right now...they really don't care ...did you really think they did? Heck no


What an ***. The medical card does not have prescription benefit information on it.

It just doesn't. The pharmacist can not pull the ID number, bin number, group number, and pcn number out of her/his *** Futhermore, it is the insured individuals responsibility to provide this information and as always you can pay full price until you get your $ht together. Stay healthy.

What a *** individual.


more great customer care by walgreens. They are always so great at taking care of the customers CVS is so sure walgreens will lose customers they put a STORE right next door!


i'll call BS on this post for one reason. anyone too lazy to spell the world AND by dropping 2 letters as much as you did it is obviously full of ***.