Point Loma, California
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Walgreens Co, 3005 Midway Dr, San Diego, CA 92110, (619) 221-0834, store#6094

Approximately 9-10 people waiting in the PICK UP line to obtain their

medications, advise, etc. I was next. I am a chronic pain patient. My pain physician

wrote a prescription to begin me on MS Contin 15mg, 1 tablet daily. Handed prescription to

technician, she took it and said she would check to see if they have this medication (would like to

add this before I continue:before I was a Registered Nurse I was a hospital CPhT for 19 years). She consults

with the Pharmacist, they walk to the area narcotics are stored (the safe), huddled, communicated with each other,looked at me, looked at Rx, and looked at me one last time. Technician hands Rx to me and states: we do not carry this medication. As soon as she completed that sentence her eyes looked at next customer. It was obvious she was finished with me. She did NOT indicate they were out, that they ordered or will order and it would be available tomorrow. Seriously, all she said was WE DO NOT CARRY THIS MEDICATION. As I walked away I announced I will go to CVS to have this filled. That was 2009 and I have not returned since.This is obviously a dumb statement/rhetorical question. If a drugstore does not want to fill narcotics why be in the business. Most Rxs that were presented to me had at least one controlled substance in their stack. I was not a new customer. Once I developed shingles I had to take potent medications. They had filled every controlled medication for me from C2-4. I complained to corporate. A corporate rep contacted me (she already knew my issue) & I explained what I wrote above. I asked to be removed from the system and inactivate my profile. Her response was surprising: will there be anything else? No that will be all. Thank you. Have a nice day.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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A c2 takes almost a week to get in stock. And the pharmacist has the right to refuse the medication if they feel something else is going on. But they should have explained that to you properly.