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Alright guys, I have been going to the same doctor, with the same 4 prescriptions for three years. I always went to the Pennsville, NJ Walgreens for the first 2 years.

They always emailed me saying my scripts were ready, & mind you it was always on the 28th day. (They also would tell me they count the day you picked your last prescription up as apart of the 28th day.) About a year ago I go in like usual and hand them my scripts and this lady who I usually don't deal with gives me attitude for no reason and proceeds to tell me, I can't pick up my medicine because I'm too early. Ok. So I kindly ask her how that was possible, because for the last 2 years I've always picked up my medicine on the 28th day, I still had medicine left, but I always went to the doctor on the 28th day, which was my only day off.

She kept saying IDK, the computer is saying I can't get it. I said, Ok after 2 years your rules suddenly change? I want my scripts back. She got a attitude of course, & took her good 'ol time giving me my scripts back.

About 45 minutes later she finally gave them back, being spiteful making me wait. - So I take my scripts to the Walgreens in Penns Grove, NJ. Had absolutely NO problem, she said yes sweetheart you can get your medication, I don't know why the woman in Pennsville wouldn't give them to you. So on the 28th day, I got all of my medication without a problem.

I've been going to that one for the past year, but instead of going the 28th day, I would go to the doctor on the 29th day because of my work schedule changing. Like I previously said It's been 3 years with the same doctor and the same 4 medications, but this last year I've been going to Penns Grove, NJ Walgreens and everything has been perfect, sweet ladies, answer your questions, ect. Well last month I only get 3 of my scripts on the 29th day, & proceed to tell me that I have to wait for my one medication. It wouldn't be that big of a deal but I changed my schedule to make sure I went to the doctor on the 29th day, so ai had no problem..

and for the last year it was fine, now all of a sudden it changed?! My husband works during the day and I work at night and we have a 7 year old daughter, I don't have time to go pick up 3 of my meds and then wait two more daya to pick up the other. & 3 of my medications are an controlled substance (II). & that was the excuse, saying my insurance won't give it a day early because it's a cs (II).

Which is COMPLETE *** because if that were the case I'd have to wait for the other two scripts the full 30 days.. but NOOOO, it's only one of them. I will be ing my insurance company and have them hopefully handle it. If not, does anyone know of a pharmacy who gives your scripts to you 1 day early?

Walgreens would do 2 days early the 28th day, then Pennsville NJ tried to say they don't do it anymore when clearly they do as I went to Penns Grove 5 minutes away from Pennsville & they did it for over a year as well, but now since last month they give me my 3 scripts the 29th but wait to give my ADHD meds on the 30th day. Walgreens employees are rude, and do what they want to whoever they favor. & apparently Penns Grove has jumped on the bandwagon. OK, rant over!

Lol, seriously though if you have any suggestions on a new pharmacy who does one day early, please let me know. Thank You!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Adderall Prescription Refill.

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It's not the pharmacy or the insurance companies. It's federal law now, the whole "opioid epidemic" thing.

The DEA is cracking down hard, and pharmacists can lose their licenses if they fail to comply.

They're not happy about it either, believe me. Everyone is yelling at them, but there's really nothing they can do.