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The Walgreens located on Kirkwood Hwy in Wilmington, DE by far has the WORST customer service/ associates! The service is consistently terrible.

It is as if I am inconveincing them by walking through the door. I approached the store today having a bit of an emergency to say the least. It was shortly before they opened and it was very clear the associates were not busy. I knocked on the door, explained my situation and politely asked if they could help me out and open just a few minutes early.

The associate did not care about anything other than "we do not open until 8am". Did not even offer to see what they could do to assist...

just simply treated me like *** for interrupting him. I will never be visiting another Walgreens in the entire country!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Customer Care.

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You never did say what the emergency was? Car on fire, kid not breathing, car accident in parking lot?

Or was it you wanted to get you kid to school on time(repeatedly late and facing write up) but forgot to pack him a lunch and need to buy him something!

Pantie hose got *** in them or need pictures to show your dog or kid acting like a monkey! What was so important that you couldn't wait like the other customers?

Are you more important then them?

Employees can only clock in 3 minutes before the 8:00 am opening. Are they pose to wait on you because your so sweet and kind?

The world does not revolve around you lady!!

Get a life!


Since you were early, did they have the registers set up for business? In the past, I have been unable to help early customers because of the time required to turn on the register, back count the money and get everything up and running.

Employees, in almost all instances, are required to do a 15 minute job in 15 minutes.

If the shift starts at 7:45AM and it takes 15 minutes to open a register and do everything required by corporate, then the opening time will be 8AM. This one is pretty cut and dry......

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