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My husband had to refill his insulin needles (his life depends on the insulin!)The pharmacy manager refused to submit a proper request to his insurance company and refused to give him a proper amount of needles. It happened not the first time, but the manager who worked before, corrected everything, and he didn't have any problems for years.

This manager came, and the problem began again. He is very faithful to Walgreen's, didn't want to change the pharmacy. Even my husband's doctor office talked to her and explained how it has to be done properly, she refused to follow the proper procedures, insulted my husband, the store manager refused to support his customer. We never go to this store again.

I wouldn't recommend it to anybody!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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Danbury, Texas, United States #743486

I immediately discredited your post from the beginning when you misspelled "pharmasy" in your title. LMAO.

Watch out everyone....we got a bright one!

P.S. The correct spelling is *PHARMACY*

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #703269

I have been getting insulin syringes from different pharmacies depending on the town I was living in, and I have never needed to have a prescription for them. I buy a box at a time.

Of course I buy my insulin, etc.

at the same pharmacy.

to anonymous West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #704503

Too bad. Either you don't use insulin a lot, or you have enough to pay for your supplies without insurance.

For us it is not feasible to pay a fortune for the insurance, and then another fortune for medical supplies.

Are you trying to protect the heartless person this pharmacy manager?

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