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I went to Take Care Clinic over the weekend June 2012. I knew I had a bacterial lung infection, but instead of giving me an inhaler and antibiotics, he chalked it up to stress.

Told me to get Vick's vapo rub, and sent me on my way. It got so bad over the weekend, that Monday I saw my professional Dr, and she immediately put me on antibiotics and an inhaler. I got a bill from Take Care Clinic and the nurse practitioner had diagnosed it as stress and mental issues, so the Insurance won't cover it. Well, fast forward to March 30, 2013.

I have been told by 5 people with Take Care Clinic that they would change the diagnosis. Still nothing has happened, and I just got a letter from a collections agency even though I was told by Take Care Clinic to not pay any bills.

I can't stress enough to people to go to a professional Dr, and avoid Take Care Clinic at all costs.When I complain to Walgreen's, they take no responsibility saying it's a separate entity. My argument with that is Walgreen's needs to take some responsibility since this clinic is under their umbrella, and advertises Walgreen's & Take Care Clinic I never write on review/complaint boards, but i don't want anyone going through the *** that I'm still going through almost a year later.

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A "bacterial lung infection" is not a diagnosis. Did you have Bronchitis?

Pneumonia? Pleural effusion? What exactly?

And no one can alter another provider's documentation and "change a diagnosis" as doing so would constitute fraud. I find your story very hard to believe!


More people need to know about how Walgreens clinics work. All they do is check boxes on a computer according to your symptoms and the computer tells them what to do.

I have been misdiagnosed. Also my boyfriend and my father. My boyfriend may have pneumonia. These are not real doctors.

They are a walking webmd.

They just say you have the first thing that pops up. Terrible terrible place to go!