Chicago, Illinois
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I waited in checkout line with about $45.00 worth of items @ 67th & Stoney Island in Chicago. When I was next in line, the cashier TOLD me to move over to next lane.

She then came over to the check out lane I was in and proceeded to harass the cashier in this lane, play fighting one another, and saying "I can't stand you...!" This went on for 2-3mins. while I waited.

Fed up, I left my cart there, and began walking for the exit. The security gaurd, who noticed all of this, told me to "have a nice day!!!!!!!!"

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Cashier.

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The problem is (as a former store manager) is that the DM is only concerned about high end profit stores (i.e stores downtown or in white majority areas). The stores on the southside or westside of Chicago are just cash cows.

They pay the employees the lowest salaries and have more junk food than quality merchandise. These are usually OLDER stores and not well kempt. U will actually see dust and grime on the bottom of many of the shelves and merchandise. As long as the EMPLOYEES aren't stealing or getting caught stealing, the DM doesn't really are too much for these stores.

THIS is why u see the employees acting 'ghetto'.

U will NOT see this behaviour on Michigan Avenue. TRUST ME


I just winessed a situation similar to this last night at the location on 71st and Jeffrey. The have a comedian there that insults every customer that walks through the door of that Walgreens.

Walgreens needs to really send some undercover corprate people in their stores to see how they are treating people, they have very poor customer service skills, and attitudes are always amist. I've been a customer of Walgreens for over 3 decades, and I like the store and I will continue to shop there but I will not be harassed and ridiculed, I just won't tolerate such behavior from supossed custoemr service professionals.

I reported the person and corporate said that they will get in touch with me after they investigate this individual. :( :( :(


Not THREE MINUTES?! You poor angel!

get a *** life


Seems to be parts of this story missing??????