Albuquerque, New Mexico

what a ripoff. False advertisement.

A truck rolls over the wallet, but why won't the clasp stay closed. The company says since I bought it at Walgreens, they won't refund my money. And Walgreens won't, either. Might as well throw the $10.99 out the window.

As seen on TV items must all be rip-offs. The wallet has been used very little in the two months since I bought it, so the advertisement failed to mention the clasp is defective.

This company should have a lawsuit filed against it by all the victims. What a bunch of crooks and scammers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Advertisement.

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I don't understand. We refund on anything the customer isn't happy with.

Did you keep your receipt? Even if you didn't they'll give you a gift card or exchange.

Have you spoken to the store manager directly? :x


If you have the packaging and the recipt then walgreens will replace it or give you your money didnt mention if you had any...if you didnt how do they know you actually bought it from them?


At least walgreens would exchange your item for the same thing or store credit if you've lost your receipt. But common sense takes part here... two months is two months, little use or not.


Only suckers buy products from late night infomercials and QVC. You get what you pay for.