Auburn, Indiana

Your wallgreens in Streatorr Il.called me a drug addict because part of prescription had been washed by accident.This is the first time it happend.I won't use them again ever and plan an telling everyone I rude and ignorant they are.That happened on the 22th of august 2012,I hope the assistant to the pharmacy who called me a drug addict loses her job.She ask no questions just assumed what she next step is to talk to my lawyer.Now we have a wallmart I think alot of people will be changing pharmacies if that's the way they treat people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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Are they right? Are you a drug addict? They must have had some reason to say that.

I expect there is a LOT more to this story that we will never hear.


These people do a *** ton of work every hour of every day, processing over 400 prescriptions a day. And one employee (who isn't an assistant pharmacist because there's no such thing) calls you an addict, and you want them to lose their jobs?

the poor woman makes close to minimum wage and you want to involve a lawyer, because of a dumb customer service mistake just for the sake of your own pride. You have too much time and money on your hands being wasted on tiny problems like these.


there is no such thing as an assitant pharmacist you ***