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I will NEVER set foot in the Hilmar Wal Greens ever again, and neither will anyone in my family! We have had one problem after another with their pharmacy and today was the final straw!

My little boy takes an inhalant to control his asthma and the last time we had that filled, they only gave us one box, when they should have given us 2, so we only got half of the prescription. I didn't really think anything of it because this was the first time we had gotten that particular rx filled at that store and I thought that maybe they do things differently there. However, today when I went in there, they told me that it hadn't been long enough and so, they can't do my refill for 4 more days. I told them that they had only given me one box last time and the pharmacist was so condescending with her stubborn, "No ma'am (this is CA you only say ma'am if you are being sarcastic) those are my initials so I didn't make a mistake.

I want you to go home and look around really good and find the other box." I was floored by her attitude! She was so so so rude! So now, my little boy is going to have to go 4 days without a medicine that keeps him breathing properly and it is especially essential that we stay on this medication, this year, because of the dangerous Enterovirus D68 that is headed our way which is so bad for children with asthma. This is not the first time that we have had trouble with this pharmacy.

The first time I ever went in there, they told me that they don't take my insurance and we went back and forth about it, so I finally left and as soon as I got home, that same pharmacist called me to tell me that they do actually take our insurance and that she tried to catch me in the parking lot, but I left too fast; like its my fault! On another occasion, my husband was getting a prescription filled, for himself, and they were telling him that they don't take our insurance, and so he called me and I told them that they do because we get stuffed filled there all the time, and so he also went around and around with them; they wouldn't even run it and check! Finally, he convinced them to just try and, low and behold, they do take it...yeah, we know! That pharmacist is so rude and so full of herself; the idea that it is impossible that a mistake could be made on their end is unbelievable!

I am not at the corner of happy and healthy right now, I am at the corner of super mad and potentially very ill.

That woman needs to work on her people skills and her delusions of grandeur! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this complaint.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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My son also has asthma & when i went to get a refil on file they informed me his ins no longer covered the one i asked for & thought i wood just leave .....i told them you have to breathe to live & i wood not b leaving so he had a refil left on another one that didnt work as well but i had to raise *** to get my child inhaler !!! They have no manners they seem to have a god complex sorry they were not smart nuff to b a doctor not my childs fault that your expertize seems to b *** with god complex