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Horrible Experience! I went to Walgreens yesterday with my daughter to get 2 items: toothpaste and Afrin nasal spray.

Toothpaste was no problem. A couple of weeks ago a walgreens Coupon printed out with my receipt for the Afrin for $5! And I saw that the march Walgreens coupon booklet had $1 off any Afrin. Now, neither Q had any restrictions, except the size which said 0.5 oz.

So I got the cheapest Afrin at $6.74, but the register wouldn't take either of the Afrin Qs. The manager, Mr. Johnson, that came up was crazy! He began the conversation by yelling at me that he wasnt sure about the origin of this coupon and that he would try it one more time and then "that is it for you!" then he changed his mind because he said that he couldn't tell if it was from Walgreens or not.

During this rant, the other employees were trying to interrupt him to tell him that it DID say Walgreens, but he talked over them and me until I finally leaned over the counter and pointed at the LARGE Walgreens logo on the Q and said "Wal-greens." Instead of acknowledging me, he said, "This coupon is too short, it doesn't look like ours. I can't take it because it's too short." I will admit it was short, but only because half of it had been an ad with a dotted line to cut it. The dotted line was still visible and obvious. Mr.

Johnson would not let me speak, he was loud and rude and spoke to me with obvious disgust. So at this point, he picks up my coupons and my merchandise and walks away. He said nothing to me, but shouts back to his employee, "Take the next customer!" then disappears around the corner. The cashier and I both look at each other, dumbfounded, until I said I would just wait near the photo area until he came back.

When he returned, he had gotten a different Afrin (no-drip) to see if it would work because that was in the picture on the store coupon. Now let me mention that this was NOT the actual product in the picture, but another Afrin product that was no-drip. The coupon scanned for this product just fine, so he angrily begins to tell me that had I just gotten what the coupon was intended for, we wouldn't be having this problem. (Now, I want to take this moment to say that at this point in the conversation, I had barely been allowed to speak.) I said in response to him that I didn't see anywhere on either coupon that said it had to be for a No-Drip product.

He said it said it was in the picture. I said that the product he had scanned wasn't in the picture either, and how are customers supposed to know what the store coupons are for? Just keep trying till something sticks? Then I said, "Nevermind, I don't want it, give me my coupon back." At this point he looks at me and snarls, "I don't know which one you want back." and THROWS my coupons down at me.

So I pick them up, take the $5 Afrin coupon and give back the others. He rings up my purchase, and is VISIBLY angered when a $3 Register Reward prints out. As he hands me the receipt, I told him that I will be calling corporate about this, and that I wanted to be clear that I am not calling about the coupons not working, but about his attitude problem. Needless to say, this is the last straw with Walgreens.

The employees are never nice, just tolerable. And this is the third time that I have had an extremely rude manager at this location, although this particular experience takes the cake! I don't know why he hated me. Maybe it was the fact that I had a couple of coupons.

Maybe it was the color of my skin. What I do know is that I will NEVER go back here.

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Hmmm... Troll, much?

These posts are so funny... If the complaint isn't detailed, the post is burned for not sounding real. If the complaint is detailed enough to obviously be real, the person who posted it must be a spitfire, huh? Nice attitude.

You would know that I am actually pretty quiet and demure if you knew me at all.

This situation just really pissed me off and, if I'm not mistaken, that's what this site is all about. If I had been allowed to speak during this encounter I would have likely not had so much to say here.


From the how long this story is I doubt he had time to complete a sentence.