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The Pharmacy at 4095 evergreen village sq San Jose is extremely horribly managed, both the manager and one of their female staff (the worst manner)who are on duty April. 17, 18 afternoon are unprofessional service attitude and not even helpful ~they've delayed my 80 yrs old mother's prescriptions for two days and worst thing is not only they had made up total BS without admit their ignorance or mistake but made up such irresponsible excuses like they don't receive doctor's replied them back of the refill authority which I've had double checked with my doctor earlier and told he already faxed over to Walgreen earlier that day, in fact doctor's assistant had faxed to them three times.

I even had received email sent from Walgreen earlier that day informed me the refills are ready for pick up before noon. I can hot help but have to drag my poor mother went there second time after 2pm but the refills still being out aside ! The staff even lied to us said that doctor had declaimed three refills which was total ridiculous! My mother said I should have them transferred to cvs or costco in the first place instead of being humiliated by such irresponsible pharmacist and this had reached the level of absurdity.

I've called/stopped by more than twice and can not believe they still not get the job done!!! It's a shame because I select this place simply because it is really the closest one to my house. I can not agree more to the other poor guy who wrote a review last Nov. said that he had been treated the same like what I've been treated today ...Save yourself the frustration, use a different location Walgreens or better switch to CVS or Costco or Walmart.

This Walgreen pharmacy by far the worst of all that I've ever been with.

I'll never come back and will tell all my friends and families don't go there..I wish I can read those reviews to this same location earlier so that I'll know this pharmacy already has very bad review ! I can't imagine if my 80 yrs old mother went there by herself she will be most likely got rejected and push away end up wasted lot of her energy and still can't get her prescription refilled.I honestly wish those staff can improve their service attitude and profession knowledge and at least got to learn something from their customers feedback.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walgreens Pros: Store and old staff 3 months ago, Polite manager.

Walgreens Cons: Pharmacist was rude, Rude customer service.

  • Pharmacy abuse
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