Tampa, Florida

The walgreens itself is nice and I go there if I need to pick up something quick. However, the pharmacy department is full of the dumbest, rudest group of Desperate Housewife wannabes.

I literally go way out of my way to get my medications from a different walgreens because even though this location is right down the street from my house the women at the pharmacy are terrible. This is not a one time thing. Every time its something else. Earlier today, I had to make a quick errand so i thought I'd just run in and have a prescription filled...I didn't want to but I did it anyway.

I dropped off two prescriptions and the girl told me to come back in an hour and a half. I come back and they decided to just fill one of the prescriptions....I said "I dropped off two" and she said "Oh, you wanted that other one filled too?" (Yes, I did you dumb ***) I mean seriously has anyone ever dropped off two prescriptions from a doctor and only wanted one of them filled?! What a ***. Then in a very rude voice she tells me that it will be a few minutes because they will have to fill it.

She then pushes the items I was also going to purchase at me! And gestures for me to take a seat.....Then when my prescription was ready 20 minutes later this dumb ***** tells me I have to wait in the line...Ummm, I've been waiting.

They are so rude and terrible. Do Not Go Here!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

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It really sounds like the walgreens in fla need customer service lessons were im from walgreens is the place to be they always go the extra mile next time your in there tell there *** to go work for cvs


Agree. Pharmacy service sucks.