Dallas, Texas
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I have used the Selma Walgreens Pharmacy several times. I have never gotten good service.

I call my rx in early in morning & pick up after five pm. It is never ready. It's the same at drive up window and inside. Everytime I go inside several customers are complaining and say they will never come back.

I waited 45 minutes last week and had called it in 3 hours earlier. I won't use them again. I have 2 friends who waited longer than 45 minutes after calling the rx in earlier. Ridiculas!!

They are losing lots of customers. You should hire more employees.

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To former employee... that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

They can use their insurance plan anywhere.

To Dumy... some pharmacies are not run as well as others unfortunately. Why not tell them you'll be there at 2pm if you plan on being there at 5pm?

Try to beat the system. The dinner rush is the most likely time for them to be behind on work. You're dropping off in the morning.

If you tell them you'll be back in 2 hours, I bet it will be ready when you actually don't come back for 8 hours. Just a thought.


Yes you will. You'll *** and moan but you'll come back.Everybody *** about no help but everybody comes back anyway b/c of their insurance plan.

Walgreens knows that.

That's how they got so big. You be back.