San Jose, California

On multiple occasions, terrible lead management of every departmwnt, do it seams: Pharmacy, agm, coward general managers. But that's how corporate works; neverhiring someone that ccould infuriate someone of hire job holdingpower.

A customer should not be screamed at, across the store, by an employee for doing nothing wrong to their understanding and forced out of the store for Un wanted business. Thus being done at multiple occupations in the last couple of years at different locations.

I have officially cancelled all marketing material and rewards as well pharmaceutical information in their systems from them. Absolutely uncalled for; i would never hire such an employee of my 8 years of retail corporate management!

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I don't even know what you are trying to say here. You probably were doing something wrong, your spelling and sentence making abilities has me thinking you are not the brightest.


did you ever wonder how much money they took from these employees were they making 25.00 dollars an hour and had it reduced to 20.00 dollars an hour(by changing a title) and then again reduced to 15.00 dollars an hour(by changing the title again) it creates very angry workers. not that is the customers fault at all but this company could care less about the customers satisfaction!

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