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As I go to Walgreens almost on a daily basis for not only my medication but milk, food and personal hygiene items. Once in awhile I'll use the store for household needs such as paper plates, air fresheners and so forth. I've been using Walgreens as my pharmacy for many years being I have moved, and most recently from Las Vegas, quite a bit due to studies and work. I moved back to Green Bay fpr 1 year last September. With my almost daily visits you I got to know most of the staff quite well in the store and pharmacy.

I am 50 yrs old and have worked a lot in retail sales as regional mangers and store besides starting out as young man as clerk. A bouncer in bars and security for hospitals. I understand shoplifting in retails stores, security in bars and parking lots and or buildings. Do note that I can't drive vehicles due to disabilities and is why I stop at Walgreens on way home from campus, friends house or other medical and business matters. My backpack which carries a supply of my medication I take 2 times daily, emergency kit in case of accident and someone needs my help being a former instructor for Red Cross, personal security devices such as pepper spray or tactical flashlight being I walk everywhere I go and can't drive due to disabilities and other

Your staff stops me from entering store for first time on September 1st and states I can't enter store unless they take backpack off my shoulders. Excuse me ? SO are you taking liability for it while in your possession ? I give it to one staff behind counter that asks me for it and then 20 min later I come back to checkout and there is a different staff member working register. I state that I would like my backpack back as I am checking out and she points to one behind counter and asks, " Is it that one?" I say yes and she gives it to me. Who else in that store could have asked for it and been given it to them ? My backpack is stolen and so what is Walgreens going to say ? "We're sorry it happened Mr. Zirbel there is nothing we can do, oh well." As I look at women next to me with purse in her hand or on arm with much easier access to be able to put something in it as opposed to a person having to take backpack off shoulder and unzip it before trying to steal anything and slip it inside.

I put my backpack behind counter and make clerk sign an agreement form stating they take liability and responsibility while it's in their possession maybe ? If your making me put backpack behind counter then maybe women should be putting purses, especially as big as some carry, behind counter ? Tell kids with their baggy pants and jackets to take them off with easy room to shove things in very inconspicuously as opposed to taking a backpack off and unzipping it ? The amount of times I have heard alarms go off as people are walking out door and clerks don't even think twice to check on situation and people just casually walk out.

Your asking me to take backpack off ? I do work for many people like Change.Org and others addressing situations here in the US. I like posting videos about topics on YouTube to hear peoples opinions. I certainly will post something about this topics and listen to peoples insights. The amount of irresponsible minors that come into yor stores and steal without you even knowing it and their little tactics and games, the amount of times I see warning alarm go off at door as someone is walking out and nobody in your stores even stops to or thinks twice to ask person to stop and inquire as to what set alarm off.

Either find another pharmacy or when I walk in next time ask your clerks to sign form accepting liability and responsibility as they take my backpack and hope someone behind register doesn't give it to someone else with anyone able to state that it's theirs and clerks just say, " OK thanks for shopping at Walgreens." Or just take my business elsewhere and certainly post it to public for Walgreens reviews

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Trusted since 1901 ?? Trust with my personal belongings ?.

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You should have told them "You Don't Have Anything In Your Store Worth Going To the Pen Over!" I agree with you, I have been there countless times waiting in the checkout line when someone will leave the store and the alarm goes off, with no-one going after them. And the times when the person does come back into the store, they simply wave them off and say "You're Good!" and then after they leave they say "Oh, God! I hope that that guy didn't just rip off something!"

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