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On 3/24/18@6:47pm, store #07016 I purchased a Birthday card and $25 Red Lobster gift card. I gave the cashier a $10 and $20 dollar bill a total of $30.00.

The Bday card was $2.99. The total was $28.27. She gave me 0.73 change. When I got home and checked the receipt the cashier had $29.00 cash given by me the customer.

How is that not recognizable by the cashier. She knew I gave her 2 bills. She stole a dollar from me. How many people does she do that to a day.

I did call the Manager name Catherine and complained but she made lite of my concern. I informed the Manager that I would contact Corporate to complain and the Manager said,"I don't care." REALLY! I work to hard for my money and have bills to pay just like the employees at Walgreen.

The cashier name is Quadalupe, at least that's the name the Manager gave me. Now who is going to rectify this.?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Sounds ilke she accidentally made a mistake. Store can check this--they keep daily records of all cash.

But really what is the big deal over a dollar.

I understand that every dollar counts to some people but it very well could be just an accident and you are trying to give a person a bad name. Grow up.