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I turned in my prescription for ocella birth control to walgreens. When I went to refill it online there was no record of my prescription.

I talked to the pharmacy and he said that he found it but all he did was refill an older version of it that had one refill left. I no longer have refills have on my older prescription but I have a year of refills on my new prescription, that they have no record of.

Their advice to me? Call my doctor and have them give me a new prescription because it would be too much work to find it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

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I just got back from walgreens today. they had my prescription.

I don't know what the pharmacy tech was doing, but she deleted my prescription and now I am stuck calling my doctor and waiting for them to re-send the prescription back to walgreens. walgreens of coursed called my doctor and told them that they never had the prescription. so ***. and it is only amoxicillin for strep!!!

so ***. I don't know if I want to keep them as a pharmacy.


I had my local Walgreens take two prescrips from me one night..the pharmacist working that night refused to fill a refill for Ambien generic saying it was too soon (3 days or so) BUT he took my generic Xanax refill and kept the hardcopy...a week later I tried to get it filled...and they have NO record of it being dropped off....My doctor will NOT issue another refill....for 6 months!!! THANKS A LOT Walgreens...I now will be making copies of all my prescips before YOU get them....Xanax helps my the ears are SCREAMING and I cannot sleep at night even with the Ambien


Three times in three months, Walgreens has "lost" my prescriptions for cardiac medications. These drugs are so important that I could suffer a cardiac crisis if I miss one dose.

Each of these three times, my doctor verified that she had called in three-month supplies of my medications, but Walgreens had no record of those drugs.

It took three days to get my refills in each case due to the usual "passing of the buck" between the two offices, but it was clearly Walgreens that was to blame. I am going to switch pharmacies since today, as I write this post, I am having the same problem all over again!


I agree with hildelisa we had a previous tech that was terrible at not scanning in RXs and the problem is resolved now that shes gone none the less we are human we make mistates and computers are often reliable but have thier faults the "communication errors" are notorious for making scrips "dissapear" not random or selective ones its only the RX you are updating or about to updat when it occurs so when we hit the key that pulls up RXs that need to be typed before filling or saving to the profile and it does this what ever script is up is mostlikly deleted and sometimes it freezes long enough so that we can get a glipse of the last name and pull the hard copy and rescan it in other cases this doesnt happen therefore we have to wait till they come and pick it up and we realize it is gone and we can look up the hardcopy by the date it was dropped off and last name


Thanks for longest run on sentence in the history or mankind! Dizzy after reading that one...


No one can follow what you're trying to say because you don't use any punctuation! I am honestly worried that someone who doesn't know proper grammar is filling my prescriptions!


that's a shame i work for walgreens in CA i have occasions when i try to help a customer and we didnt' scan in an rx. they're times when we scan dont' pay attention and the computer says error communicate and it doesnt scan.

but when that happens i will go look for it. and becuase my staff lost it i would call the *** doc myself not have the patient that was terrible what they did!



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