Kettering, Ohio

I scan my refill in like I have done for months and it tells me its ready for pick up on the 14th but when I go the b.s. pharmacist tells me not till the 15 but it ain't due till the 17.. if I filled it last month on the 22 and its a 25 day supply and I get a notification telling me its ready then why is this lady playing doctor and straight lieing to my face.I can add.but apparently she can' filling a formal complaint.what's the point in having a app and a system if nobody wants to uphold it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

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First, Morgan and Morgan have to pay for their enormous advertising budget. You will NEVER speak to a lawyer, just a paralegal if you get that far.

There are websites devoted to complaints against this law firm.

Just google Morgan and Morgan complaints, and you will find pages of complaints. They have no positive review. All people that hire them are not happy.

Tons of complaints to the Florida Bar, but no sanctions. Sucks. If you want to sue someone, you have to sue the DEA. They are what is behind the Walgreens problem.

They are demanding that a pharmacy must only do a arbitrary percentage of other prescriptions or they CANNOT fill scheduled drugs.

As for pharmerben, if you truly are a pharmacist, which I truly suspect you are just an *** trying to get legitimate pain patients all upset, go find some other forum. You are a worthless human being, and you belong working for Morgan and Morgan. What people need to do is to write not only their US legislatures, but their state legislatures, as that is the only way we will get anything accomplished.

The Florida legislator behind all these problems is Mike Fasano, R-New Port Richey. He is the one leading this mess. Instead of closing down pill mills, they are going after pharmacists, and doctors. Several of the biggest pill mill operators in FL were finally caught and tried.

they got a slap on their wrist, and kept their medical licenses.

They paid a fine, and that was all. Blame the DEA, not Walgreens! Good luck!


Ive had my scripts filled here for 30years as well & now the same thing is happening to me!!!! The Pharmacist at most of the walgreens have been somewhat polite but, i actually had 1 pharmacist tell me, "well, I cant tell you our policy of secret criteria, but you don't meet it" I then asked him If i could come back & speak with the pharmacy manager to discuss the this policy in order to meet the criteria; as i am a person with chronic illness/pain & will be needing these pain meds & other meds for the rest of my life; He looked at me and said "i would suggest you talk to your doctor * work on getting off these medications"....

as if he knew anything about me or what my daily life struggles are. Unbelievable!!