Brandenburg, Kentucky

As I was paying for my purchase I was asked if I had a "card". I said NO.

I was asked if I wanted one, and I said No. I was told ( in not a very nice voice) You will have to have one to be able to buy the items on sale. If this is so then I will look for sales elsewhere. I feel like if this is true, you are basically telling people that if you don't have your card, you better bring more money.


This happened within this last week. October 23,2012

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stop posting you are making WALGREENS LOOK REALLY BAD. No one will want to spend money if you keep attacking customers input!!!

i have never been to a store that did not have a generic store card and gives all discounts to all paying customers. Why lose the SALE?? Really some of these MANAGERS NEED TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL. Keeping, retaining, getting new customers!!

A bad experience for one customer goes round and round to everyone that person knows, church, family, school ect.


Slapped, then you are either blind or lying.



@No more - Honestly, the system doesn't actually require an address, and all other information you voluntary give out is subject to your imagination.

For instance, you could just say that you're Margaret Thatcher, your zip code is 98422, and your phone number is (925) XXX-XXXX. None of the information

Has to be valid, nor will it be verified. The zip code is used to confirm a redeemable point purchase - a bit like a pin number. Walgreens is a very large company that makes more money using their pharmacy than chocolate bar and soda pop transactions. If you ever grow up, you'll understand that in the year

2012 - All anyone needs is your first and last name (Gathered from any services you use, anywhere), and a local search through google for all of your

private information for free! Stay adorably ignorant! :3


You should not have to sell your private information for a discount. #Employee, hope you are able to keep your job with the go shop some place else attitude.

The big screen behind the register shows all of your personal information. If you ever grow up, you will realize that this is not a good idea.


Dear 'Helpful Hand':

You are misinformed and should pay more attention in the store.

In an Indiana Walgreen's today I bought items which, according to the shelf sign, were on sale. Nothing on the sign mentioned the need for a card - I looked carefully for that notice because I do not have a card and I avoid any specials that require one. The signs simply advertised the sale price with no mention of any coupon, card, etc. needed.

When I checked out I was told a card was required for ANY sale price to be effective. The cashier was apologetic, very nice, but not about to sell me anything at the sale price. I simply paid full price and left.

The extra cost was not so much - maybe $6 - but I will never again shop at Walgreen's. I guess the company does not care - I can either pay full price, play their membership game, or not shop there. Easy choice, actually..


"You will have to have one to be able to buy the items on sale. If this is so then I will look for sales elsewhere. I feel like if this is true, you are basically telling people that if you don't have your card, you better bring more money."

The tags clearly read "$n.nn WITH CARD".

You should have understood the point before you reached the register.

Actually before you picked up the 'for sale' item.

If the "with card" fact was a snake, I'm sure it would have bitten you ;-)


I'm a cashier, It's not my fault nor is it in my authority to give the depicted sale price without the card. Stop making a big fuss and start looking for any other store that doesn't require a card.


I assume you're referring to their Balance Rewards program. Before this gimmick hit St.

Louis MO, local Walgreens would have many, many "buy one, get one free" sales. Now, it's been changed to "buy one, get one at 50% off." In addition, to earn the "points" that you're supposed to get as a "bonus" on many products, you may have to buy more than you plan to (for example, a vitamin supplement may be "buy one, get one at 50% off" BUT to earn, say, 500 points you may have to buy THREE (really, FOUR to maximize your savings-two at full price with two at 50% off).

It's just a clever way of making people think they're getting a bargain, when it's really just Walgreens getting additional sales. :sigh


Yeah....Safeway, Albertsons,Bimart, Costco, etc

Just get the *** FREE card!! There sales are amazing at times!!


Happened to me today as well. I'll go somewhere else.


Give me a break you need a *** card every where you shop now days