If you work for Walgreens and decide to further your education, you've got another thing coming. They will get mad because its like how dare you better your self; the degree was a business degree.

It's a numbers game. You make the numbers, you make tthem look good. I even pushed back many opportunities because I was a team player, even working doubles abd having to come in the next morning. Now I see how much they care about me.

Also this happened because the first time in 6 years I couldn't work overtime on my scheduled day off. Told I was replaceable.

Yes I am. But with what.

  • employees mistreated
  • threatened to be replaced
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I call ***. No one, and I mean no one on store level is getting overtime.


That's the truth. No way is overtime authorized for any of us on store level. That's complete ***!


Well here is the truth you have been with them 6 years!! and they can hire someone else to do your same job for LESS!!

They can replace you in a heart beat. They will replace you in a heartbeat that is why THEY DO not care for you to go any further with your education obviously they do not see that as a benefit to THEM or they would be for it!!

Do what you need to do to keep this job until you CAN get better and you can get better. Because every year you age it will become harder and harder to MOVE ON.


if anybody wanna make some extra money at there walgreens job plz let me know.

@al ross

Yeah, doing what, Chief? lol :grin


That may be on your end but ask how many employees are afraid to say anything because of the reperussions. Each district is run differently; each district has different company oriented goals what one store may do for an employee another may not. :roll


I'm sorry you're disappointed but I work for Walgreen's and we make excellent wages and our store currently has 25% of our staff attending college or technical schools. Of these individuals, all started after gaining employment with Walgreen's and our manager sets their work schedule around their school schedule and their testing schedule. We have no employees complaining about either wages or scheduling problems.


hey cheryl hru? wats your position at walgeens?


The old boys are leaving in droves and so are the customers that LOVE THEM. NEW EMPLOYEES make much less that someone who has been with WAGS for 10 years OF COURSE they are not going to complain.

It the GOOD OLD SOULS that MADE THE COMPANY that are being SCREWED. How long before CHERYL is disposable


So do ours at our store. I've got no complaints.

We have a great store manager and District Manager. :)


heard your store sucks and will be cutting employees


Well, our store doesn't suck and no employees have been cut so you're wrong. BTW why not use your name instead of hiding behind anonymous if you're going to say *** *** like that?


I agree with you Cheryl. I am currently in college myself and work at Walgreens.

Also 4 other employees at the Walgreens I work at are in college.

Our management team is very accommodating with hours and days for students. So I guess its a problem in your local store/management team.