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I was trying to get my prescription filled for pain medication. This use to be a simple task, walk in, get a smile, read a magazine or shop while,wait and pay.

I was hit by a drunk driver 15 years ago. Since then I have been on pain medication, mostly so I can keep working to take care of my family. The pain in so excruciating I can barely walk. I cry everyday.

Since around September 2012, it has been a living *** just trying to get the medication filled. One pharmacist told me to *** on a stick when the pain got bad!! Anyway, each month I go from pharmacy to pharmacy only to be told to wait a week, come back next month or try to get on something else. I went to my doctor and got on something else.

I cannot get the something else filled either. Not only that, the pharmacists have begun to treat me badly. I lost my insurance two years ago at work. One pharmacist looked at the script, looked at me and asked if I have insurance, I said I did not.

She ask if I had $1,200.00, for name brand, I said I did not. She said rather loudly, "YOU DON'T HAVE INSURANCE?!!. Again I politely said no. All at once she threw the prescription back at me, hitting me in the chest and bouncing off.

It landed on the floor and I could not bend over to pick it up. I was in tears until another customer picked it up for me. I have a friend to is a wonderful person but looks a bit rough, a true Harley-Man. He told me he actually cuts his hair and dresses up just to get his prescription filled, hoping for some compassion from the pharmacist each month.

What has happened to human kindness. When did the pharmacist start to practice medicine. The misuse of drugs and pill mills has caused this industry to loose prospective. Their job is to HELP, CARE, and yes, make money.

The pharmacists should be the first on the band wagon to demand more drugs from their distributors so they can fill for their patients. I am happy to disclose my medical history to any pharmacist if it helps, but why? And I am sorry to say having experienced this past year, it doesn't help. It may be time to get off the meds and apply for disability so my movement can be limited.

It's sad because I really love working. The Sr.

Pharmacist was informed of the prescription throwing incident and nothing was done, not even an apology.


Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Monetary Loss: $118.

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Well, for all the haters, its OK. I have cut waaaay back on the meds, found a compassionate pharmacist and doctor and wont be reporting any bad behavior anymore.

I'm scheduled for my third surgery and have cut my work hours in half. I can't afford to quit my job and live on disability. I am caring for a disabled child, he gets $300.00 each month. Everyone in this forum that said my story was bull--it, just hasn't walked in my shoes, or in the shoes of thousands of pain sufferers who are treated badly each and every day.

It's easy to judge when you are on the outside looking in.

That's OK, it takes all kinds to make the world work. Best of luck to you all.


Walgreens is NOT the doctor therefore they should not have the right to judge a person if they are on pain medication. They should just keep their mouths shut and do their job and fill your medication that the DOCTOR prescribed.

My mother was dying from cancer and was in extreme pain and walgreens gave her a hard time about her medication making her feel like an addict. She demanded that the pharmacist call her doctor, when he refused she called them and placed her doctor on speaker to tell the pharmacist that he need not interfere with a woman dying and in severe pain and to do his job, filling scripts. Needless to say the pharmacist gave a half *** apology and had no problem, all the sudden, filling her medication. Way to go walgreens.

RIP mom.... So before you judge someone maybe you should consider their level of pain...


First of all, I have to call BS on the whole prescription throwing incident.....especially the pharmacy manager not at least apologizing if this was done by another pharmacist under them. That pharmacist would surely be written up if such a thing occurred (its easily brought up on video from the pharmacy).

Secondly, there is absolutely no reason that anyone in the pharmacy would demand you pay for a brand medication if a generic is available. The only instances this would happen would be if your doctor noted it on your prescription or if you request brand. The only other instance would be if they didn't have any generic in stock, but in all seriousness pharmacies won't stock brand medication (that is available as generic) unless they had a specific patient that they special-ordered it for because it is WAY more expensive.

Lastly, you have to realize that your situation represents a HUGE red flag for prescription drug abuse, especially if you present your prescription to a pharmacist who does not know you. This is because you are A) getting narcotics (I'm guessing high dosage and/or quantity if you've been on them 15 years, B) not using insurance (big red flag for drug diversion, especially if presenting to a pharmacist you aren't familiar with), C) not noted in your complaint, but it could easily be your doctor that the pharmacist is simply not comfortable filling your particular medications for


Why did the pharm ask about name brand? I thought they liked generic?


I hate to sound mean, because I don't want to be - but if you have been on pain medications that long, you're now an addict. You would be best off in the long run if you would work with a pain management specialist. With all of the abuse on pain pills, and it getting 50x worse in the past 10 years, they are really buckling down on these medications and will go to extra lengths to make sure everything is legit.


It's not considered addiction. Addiction is for those who take pain meds to get high.

Chronic pain patients are dependant, not addicted. There's a difference. Dependent patients don't abuse, take more meds than they should, or sell their meds. Drug seekers do.

When you are a pain patient you are urine tested on a regular basis and help to very strict guidelines written out in your pain agreement with the Dr.s office.

One violation and you are gone. People who are truly in chronic pain don't abuse pain meds.


if you cant go one day with out pain pills. you are addict which is also dependant on that drug.

may not want to face it but you are a drug addict. you need to be weened off your meds and find an alternate route to deal with your "pain"