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Walgreens was never a place I was fond of, but now I HATE that store with a deep, deep passion! My mother and I are afraid we may have contracted rabies.

If you've done any research then you know how EXPENSIVE the rabies vaccines can be, especially if you go to a hospital. The website for Walgreens CLAIMS that they offer the rabies vaccination. I called to find out how much they charge for the vaccination, and from the minute he got on the phone the guy was a complete *** I mean I have had some terrible TERRIBLE representatives for other companies but man, this guy was the worst! I'm calling to see about a vaccine that could SAVE my mother's life and my own and he is just as rude as he can be!

He clearly didn't care that we needed the shot, and might I add that Walgreen does NOT even carry the vaccine! Did he instruct us, then, where we should go in order to get the rabies vaccine? No!

He says that it would REQUIRE A PRESCRIPTION (seriously, a prescription, are you kidding me) and that EVEN THEN they might NOT could get the vaccine! Do not use walgreens...they're a *** and if you're in a bad situation their workers sure as all get out out don't give a ***!

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You feel that you might have rabies and need a "life saving" vaccine yet you don't want to go to the hospital??? What kind of sense does that make?

No, rabies shots for humans are not available at pharmacies, nor should you be walking about in public spreading rabies to others while you try to save a dollar or two. Go to the hospital!


I feared that I might have gotten rabies from the *** of a stray cat. I went to the doctor, and he said that vaccine is only handled by veterinarians, and that a Vet would have to have a prescription from a medical doctor in order to administer the shot.

He also said that the vaccine side effects could cause some serious neurological problems in some individuals, so I didn't push the issue. The best recourse is to capture the animal and have it tested for rabies. That way you will have good reason to get the vaccine. I responded with what if you can't capture the animal?

He seemed rather vague about what to do in that case. Frankly, my take on all this is that not many people really don't know what to do in these instances.


Hi Windy. You're right that most people don't know what to do.

I had no option but to go to the hospital; you would think more places would carry it where I live because there are bats and foxes but apparently not. That's odd as I believe our vaccination came from the hospital pharmacy or one out of town. Did you get the vaccination? If you cannot test the animal, especially if you've been bitten, most recommend you get the post exposure vaccination just to be safe.

What surprises me is how a lot of medical professionals and such treat you on the matter and the cost. They act like it's not their problem or that they have no advice. It seems like you are screwed if the vaccine isn't carried in your area.

I hate to know what my bill will be...I've seen crazy prices. I hope you're okay.


I probably should have explained this better, but if I'm infected it is by non-*** exposure. I was not bitten, but there is the tiniest possibility saliva could have been on an object that was touched.

Regardless, the man who answered knew -none- of this. I politely asked him how much the rabies vaccine would cost, I didn't explain any details as to whether or not I was at risK, and he was just very unfriendly and abrupt. The hospital (which is the only option on the weekends in a lot of places and just in general) charges you THOUSANDS of dollars for the shots, especially if you have no insurance, so it's very unfortunate to have to get them, especially if you probably haven't contracted the disease. Regardless, looks like we are about to cough up the big bucks and head on to the hospital.

Better safe than sorry.

Again, he didn't know my situation. I simply asked the price of the vaccine.

My point is that I was very calm and polite when I spoke with him, asked a simple question, so there was no need for his attitude. I don't know what his problem was.


Fair enough, if he had an attitude that certainly is uncalled for regardless of the reason for the call.


If you don't know, there are two different possible vaccine scenarios for rabies. The one you were looking at was a series of shots, called post-exposure prophylactic.

That one is not going to be found anywhere but the local ER or possibly a Department of Health clinic.

The other vaccine is pre-exposure and is generally for people who work with animals on a regular basis or who have reason to expect exposure to the virus due to a job in a laboratory. That one would have done you no good.

I do agree, however, that this should have been a simple explanation with no need for rudeness.


He probably thought it was a prank phone call. Most people who think they've been infected with a deadly virus, which is nearly 100% fatal, usually rush to an emergency room and get a rabies immune globulin shot along with a series of vaccine shots.

They don't typically call their local Walgreens for a vaccine that's mainly meant to prevent the virus.

That's like getting the Polio vaccine after you're in the wheelchair.

Is this what the pharmacist was trying to explain to you? Did he also explain to you what the outcome is if you're already experiencing the symptoms?


Fact. Having a life-threatening disease isn't the time to shop around.


The pharmacist himself doesn't even answer the phone... so she was talking to a cashier or pharmacy clerk that is not knowledgeable about vaccines. Plus, her call was only to question the price of the vaccine -- then she became argumentative when they stated they do not carry that vaccine.