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I have to say, I really feel like *** after dealing with Walgreens over the past few weeks. I've been using the same two Walgreens to fill my adderall prescription over the past year that I've been taking it. It really is a huge help to me trying to keep focused on family and work responsibilities, and completing my MSME degree simultaneously.

This month, I go to the 24 hour Walgreens about 7 miles from my home (which I've used 3-4 times already for adderall and various other non-C2 prescriptions) about 7PM and the pharmacist tells me that there's a new rule that says that a psychiatrist has to prescribe adderall, so my prescription is no good. My B.S. detector immediately pegs the red on the meter and I ask "is this really recent, as in the past month?" which she replies "yes, last week". I call the DEA division of the local sherries department the next day while at work and confirm that was a blatant lie.

So leaving work, I go to the other Walgreens store that's in immediate proximity to my house and am told they're out of stock, to try another store. No mention of any B.S. about psychiatrists, just a quick check of stock (which the previous pharmacist didn't even do) accompanied by the usual nasty glares I get when filling this prescription, and send me up the road.

The next store (again, only 4-5 miles from my home) tells me that they need to hold the prescription for 24 hours and then I'll be notified if it can be filled of not. Im startled, but sick of dealing with nonsense so I just confirm " the 24 hour is not to fill the order, it's to tell me if you can fill the order or not?" which is affirmed. I assume this is just more B.S. so the pharmacist can call my doctor during business hours to confirm its validity, which I have no problem with because I know that there are folks out there that try and scam the system. I take pride in myself, am as clean cut and articulate as you could imagine a person to be, and don't want to be associated with recreational drug-seeking rif-raf so I comply with any such requests.

However I'm beyond livid the next day when I get a phone call the next day with more B.S. telling me that since I'm over 18 I'm supposed to be on a different drug so they refuse to fill it, to come pick up my prescription. So after work,(which is now suffering because ive been without ADHD meds for 4 days now) I trek to Walgreens once again, who I have been a customer of for my entire adult life, and once again am treated to nasty glares from the staff as they hand me my 100.00% legal ,now crumpled up prescription to take elsewhere to fill. I briefly am inclined to give the staff a piece of my mind, to remind the pharmacist which of the two, the doctor whose name is on my prescription or the walgreens pharmacist, is qualified to make a medical diagnosis and which is qualified to count pills and put them in a jar. However I digress.. To quote Proverbs.. Do not speak to fools, for they will scorn the wisdom of your words.

I visit a local mom-pop type pharmacy and am treated with the same professional courtesy that I myself always reciprocate. The medication is out of stock but they offer to order it in, which I agree to since I am extremely busy and do not have time to chase all over creation trying to figure out who will fill this. The following afternoon I get a courtesy text informing me that the order is filled, thus cauterizing the wounds left by Walgreens and cementing my notion to never myself nor my family step foot in a Walgreens again. Good riddance.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: Stuff it. Educate your staff..

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I'm very insulted at the way I've been treated while trying to fill my prescriptions. The day time staff has always been friendly and considerate; however, I work long hours and sometimes have to pick my meds up at night.

It is already terrifying to roll up in the ghetto, in my Mercedes being a female, by herself and almost always approached by homeless people at that Walgreens. When they tell me I have to come back the next day because I picked up my meds that were filled on the 30th on the 31st, so I can't pick them up at 10:00 pm on the 28th, that's a bit rediculious. It is a new prescription every time, my doctor, writes it, the pharmacy doesn't know my medical history, the insurance company and the DEA are fine with me picking up my medication then. Check out the controlled substance page about refills on the DEA website and you'll see just how much of this is store policy.

I'm just upset right now because I'm being inconvienanced and it's scary to go to that store, but being told there is a block on my prescription until tomorrow, after they texted me yesterday to pick it up, is just really annoying.

If I get mugged for my meds there, I will sue them. I don't know why they let those people hang out there.

I almost forgot to mention, that on 2 different occassions over the past few years, I have walked in right after a robbery. Then, they tell me to come back later like I want to be there and hang out waiting to get robbed.


I completely understand- Walgreens is first and foremost awful in the way they treat patients with ADHD- it is almost as if they are trained the condition doesn't really exist. I personally feel that laws should change, I am not filling an oxycodone prescription, I have a disability and my job security depends on me being treated.

I am not going to lie and say i have never in my life used more adderall than prescribed but that has only been once or twice a year and even then it was only half a dose more on one or two days and because I have become familiar with these idiotic restrictions - I know they won't fill it until the "day of" even though I know they can see my history and how I have only filled 2 days early maybe twice a year and then felt to feel like a heroin addict, I digress - I told you I have add right - well anyways - had a situation where I lost my prescription 4 days before my next fill date and all the sudden after 17 years of filling my medication responsibly I am treated as if I am a subhuman addict. Listen I didn't raise a fuss at Walgreens, but they sure as *** did and the tech tried to say she needed to hold my prescription - which by the way is against the law (I am a lawyer). There needs to definitely be changes to the law - adderall is currently held in the same schedule as methamphetamine and cocaine- which is ridiculous to me, because adderall calms me down and let's me focus to get my job done without being cracked out - because that is how I seem when I am not medicated - if it makes you feel amped up- you shouldn't be prescribed the medication. Pharmacists these days seem to think they are doctors that treat patients when in all honesty they did not have the intelligence nor comprehension to be able to diagnose and treat a physical patient - they are the med school drop outs and those who just wanted to make money without the same liability that doctors carry, thus they choose the easier way out by going to pharmacy school (yes they are technically doctors) but that is like comparing a doctorate in accounting to a doctorate in international trade law.

Anyways - no one should have to feel what I have gone through unless you have a history or habit of trying to fill your medications early all the time.

@ADHD Expert

I’m reading your post 4 years later and I’m nodding my head in agreement. Understanding and having felt the same way.

And then you go and make a totally judgemental comment.... “I am not filling an oxycodone prescription, I have a disability and my job security depends on me being treated” Rightfully so, I am in complete agreement with your statement. Totally not fair to be treated like a drug addict because you need prescription speed to get through the day. Just so you know, I am not judging you.

I take Adderall too. Not only do I suffer from adult attention deficit disorder but I have chronic fatigue syndrome from fibromyalgia. I bet you just laughed. Fibromyalgia...the invisible its in your head made up disease for being a sissy *** Anyway, I take hydrocodone as needed for pain.

People who take opiates for pain are not drug addicts. It is a very effective form of treatment and has been used since the beginning of time. Next time you have diarrhea, take an old hydrocodone from when you had a root canal. Wait an hour, now tell me how you feel better.

If you are expecting people to be companionate to you and not treat you a certain way. You need to begin to “treat people the way you want to be treated” and that begins not judging anyone on any level for anything. Until you can do that, those *** *** pharmasist at Walgreens are going to treat you like *** You get what you give.

And you pissed someone off by the way you treated them or it’s just the universe allowing the pendulum to swing. All we need is love.


I had a strange encounter about Adderall at Walgreens this afternoon, and went online tonight to see if others have been treated like criminals when interacting with pharmacists. I may change to a different pharmacy because I don't deserve to be treated with suspicion when I'm buying prescribed medicine - it's a form of discrimination against people with a disability in my opinion.


your b.s. detector wrong.

lmao. check the laws. they changed haha.

dont worry you'll have the same requirements just wait for 30 days when you have to get a new script. welcome to the 21st century where every one is over medicate and abuse their drugs so you have to jump threw hopes to get anything done.

@new laws

The statement sounds about as credible as their spelling does.