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For nearly 3 years, I have been a loyal Walgreens customer and have used their pharmacy for prescribed pain medication, Nucynta. Nucynta is a Schedule II drug and there are strict policies associated with the medication.

In addition, I am under the Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Assistance plan which also has additional policies to be followed. I had a legally obtained, hand written prescription from the same Dr. I have used for years and Walgreens always filled my scripts without fail. No surprises or changes on my end.

So, I bring my prescription on 4/19 and was informed that I was a couple days early on the fill and that they would fill it on 4/22 (Today). I called in the a.m. and asked if it was ready, they told me it would be in 20 min or so. When I arrived, the lead Pharmacy tech (Linda) told me that they will not be able to fill my prescription or ANY OTHER PRESCRIPTION IN THE FUTURE.

She failed to explain to me clearly as to why I was being treated like a criminal and banned from Walgreens for life apparently. When asked for further explanation, she said that new state enforcement rules prevent me from filling that script at this time. I asked if there was anything I can do or anyone I can contact to resolve the issue. I was told there was nothing I can do.

So I went to the King Soopers a half mile a way. They filled my script and explained to me that the policy Linda at Walgreens was refering to is NOT a state or federal enforcement issue, only a corporate policy recently put in to place. My complaint is walgreens has effectively denied my care prescribed to me by my physician, failed to communicate why I was being banned and failed to provide me an avenue of recourse to remedy the situation. They won't miss me or my business, but I will share my complaints with my Dr.'s office, Walgreens Corporate, Facebook and other social media to spread the word.

Save yourself a headache and use a Pharmacy other than Walgreens.

In Colorado, I recommend King Soopers, Safeway or Rite-Aid. Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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I had this very thing happen to me in augustaugust at walgreens, so I went to king soopers as you did. Had no problems until today, November 16, I was told by kingsooper pharmacist that they would no longer fill my prescriptions because my diagnosis didn't warrant the use of the narcotics I was prescribed!

I have had 35 abdominal surgeries in the last 25 years and live with daily chronic pain. I have never abused my medications and I go to my physician every single month to get my prescriptions refilled. I am shocked that a company, pharmacist can veto my health care from my doctor! So, where and what do I do now?

I hate having to take this medication, I hate being judged by uncompassionate pharmacists every single month. If I could enjoy and live my life without this medication I would do so! I feel like I'm a criminal, when in fact, all I'm doing is following my doctors orders in order to have a life worth living.

What do I do now? This happened in Loveland, Colorado at the kingsoopers on 29th street.


It's weird how suprised everybody is that a pharmacy has the right rot deny filling a narcotic, but u wouldn't even blink to find out a bartender cut someone off for being too drunk. Don't it make sense if a bartender let some one have more beer and they drove the bartender would get in trouble too.

Yet u expect a pharmacist to give up their lively hood because u think they should just fill the dam rx and ask no ?'s. that just show how high (or ***) you really are


No not funny. Its the DOCTORS responsibility who wrote the prescription.

Get off your high horse and get back to work for the FDA. Enjoy your Police State Ghestapo while your still a paid Shill.

You will be treated like a faceless, worthless number soon enough when your masters have finished using you and controlling your nitwit brain. I prefer to be treated like a HUMAN BEING and will NOT TOLERATE this draconian nonsense at any pharmacy.


Really?? Are you a pharmacist because you sure sound like one.

I have a hard time believing that there isnt a pharmacist out there somewhere who isnt taking narcotic pain meds themselves. I bet they dont have these issues. In a nutshell there are two different kinds of pain med users, the ones who are candidates to use them for a genuine pain condition, and those who use them as a drug. Ive never used a drug in my life but ive been on pain meds in the same dose and type for 15 years.

I have any evidence of my.diagnosis that you can think of to prove that i have it. It doesnt matter though, i lost count of how many pharmacists have treated me like im some sort of junkie because chronic pain patients ate lumped in with the people who are using these MEDS as a drug. It doesnt matter how respectful or responsible we are, we are still looked at as criminals.

My opinion is that pharmacist should stic with the license they went to school to get and stop.playing doctor. I already have one of those and she monitors me just fine.


You are ignorant at best


Walgreen's most recent policy on Class II Drug refill policy has cost them a customer that between myself and insurance company paid them over 17,000.00 on pharmaceuticals in 2012. I suffer from MS, have had 3 back surgeries, and have 80% of my spine collapsing on nerves. Only since Monday 4/15 did they enact a store-wide policy that even though I have gone to the same pharmacy for 7 years and bring in a Doctors handwritten prescription for a refill they now need to call the Doctors Office ask if the prescription is valid, ask for other personally related information about why it was prescribed. Not only are they getting too personal about what they are requesting, they are delaying the treatment of their patients to go retrieve my records and deal with their question and answer scenario. The Doctors offices are not prepared to deal with this issue and have suggested to me as well.."Go to another Pharmacy"!

The last prescription from Wallgreens Pharmacy filled for me was Yesterday.

There are many other Pharmacies that don't encroach on your personal information - stuff that should remain between the patient and the doctor!



Agree and Lady Scot-

Of course there is more to this story. Walgreens got their *** pee's whacked in Florida for handing out prescriptions too freely, so they've decided to punish all Walgreens customers for doing what we have been directed to do by our doctors.

And yes, they are delaying and denying long term customers, not just apparent drug seekers. Unfortunately, in California, we are required by law to go to the same pharmacy AND the same doctor (no doctor or pharmacy shopping), so if your pharmacy decides to stop handling these scripts, technically you're out of luck. This is a new policy, not the result of " the same old whining complaint". It's also nice they're trying to pawn it off as a state or federal law, rather than they're own company's knee *** reaction- they told me the same thing, but recanted after I called them on it.

So I agree as well - let's all vote with our wallets, and shop anywhere but Walgreens - and not just for prescriptions. I refuse to reward a company who treats me with contempt with future business...


If California requires you to go to the same doctor and pharmacy, then there is a reason for that. To keep people from doctor and pharmacy shopping.

Not all states have that requirement, so those who do not, allow, by federal law, any pharmacist to deny a script. 99% of complaints for denied scripts are for narcotics...any guesses why?


I also Live in the California Republic and went to another Pharmacy Sav-On Drugs just across the street and was told when I need a refill bring in the bottle with the doctors Name and Prescription # on it and they will complete the transfer of prescription to them and they will be able to refill. There is a way out of Wallgreens. They promote that they can transfer your prescriptions in from another pharmacy so we can do the same just getting them out of there!


It is likely Walgreens is being investigated for some kind of criminal activity. Friday we had 6 customers transfer their prescriptions to our pharmacy from Walgreens and 5 today, they all had various complaints and one was similar to yours jojo710. Good for your Walgreens is not the only pharmacy in your area.


Everyone should fill their oxy scripts any where but Walgreens. Tired of hearing same old whining complaint. Everyone posts here that they were denied, so stop trying.


A pharmacy has the legal right to deny any script for any reason at any time. The DEA will back up that right.

An established patient will not be turned away for no reason, so I believe there is more to this story.


And BTW, not all pharmacist's have the "right" to deny any script. 12 states require them to fill emergency contraception, and 4 states require them to fill ALL legally acquired's weird, though, how much pharmacists seem to want the ability to say no, rather than being reluctant watchdogs. It's almost like they're petty tyrants desperately looking for respect since the only person who calls them "Doctor" is their mother...


WOW, now! This response I love!!

That's too rich not to publish!!


I too was treated poorly when trying to fill my script at walgreens 4/20. I was told I could not "hang around and wait for the script, there will be no more of that" the phamacist said she would have to call my doc and this could take 1-2 days as dr.

response time is slow...she told me the min. for filling my script would be 6 hrs and she cant guarentee it. I asked her if this is a new law? as i have brought my script here before and filled with no prolem..not to mention i saw other people hanging around as she put it waiting for there scripts!

this is discrimination!

she told me that this not a law yet but soon will be and her pharmacy is taking part voluntarily, I left there feeling belittled, about an hour later i called my dr. office to see if she called, and she had not, I decided to ask for my script back as I can take my business elsewere!


That's the problem with this "free" (HA) country. Too many ALPHABET SOUP NANNY agencies telling us what to do.

Won't be long before they are requiring we get a license to take a dump. 1 percent of the population are crackheads and druggies. Why do the other 99 percent have to take this NONSENSE? If it was up to me, I'd exercise my rights in the Declaration of Indendance (from govt parasites) and hang all these traitorous Nazi's from the nearest tall bridge.

They took away all the over the counter remedies such as ephedra, won't let anyone have a "pick me up" yet prescribe STRONG AMPHETIMES TO LITTLE CHILDREN UNDER THE phone made up malady of "ADHD" which did not exist 30 years ago, and they criminalize overweight people for trying to get a prescription filled for worthless, watered down phentermine. Yes I'm talking about Walgreens. I will NEVER set foot in that Orwellian nightmare again. Alphabet soup agencies are nothing but hive minded DUPES.

I would hate to be of that mentality. I don't care how much they paid me to be a traitor to my own country and it's law abiding citizens.

I actually have integrity. I'm sure they do not know the meaning of that word.