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My son worked at walgreens and was unfairly accused of things by an employee that is very slow very rude and many people complain about him but nothing ever done.I am upset that the management did not stick up to corporate for my son,he has been offered management and was told often what a good hard worker and yet the corporate guy wants to believe all the lies John said about my son.this makes me mad that they are going to believe a lazy employee over one that has always gave 100%.I will not shop at this company again and will tell others not too as well.

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What was the problem? Was he accused of stealing, fighting, or a lewd act?

I know u probably not want to say. I don't blame you. Let him go to unemployment and if he gets denied they will say why then he can argue it and they would have to put up or shut up with the proof. That sucks it happened sounds like he had a goal and was going for it.

But you would be suprised how many losers cost people their jobs. I always say no matter how bad someone is I don't want to cost them their job and I've put up with a lot of junk.

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If your son is old enough to be working and allegedly was being considered for management, he should be doing his own complaining. Actually as far as how badly your son was treated, you only have his side of the story. Has any of the management ever told you all of these good things about his work record.

to anonymous Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #639523

I am complaining in hope for someone at walgreens to look into both sides before accuseing one.Tapes could have been watched to prove my son was in the right and was not done.He is old enough to make his own decions and complaing and he did so.I would like for someone high enough up to make sure all emplyees are treated fair.And as far as has a manager told me good things,YES two managers have told me what a smart man and hard worker he is.The HR man that talked with my son should have watched tapes before talking with either employee to know for sure what John said was true. I would just like company's to learn the facts first.

to Anonymous #649914

I work for Walgreens. Your son may as well start looking for work elsewhere.

This company does not value hard work. In fact, the less you do the better management treats you. They discriminate against older workers, and bully anyone who questions them. The open door policy is a joke.

If he is truly a hard worker, he would be better off finding work elsewhere. That is what the rest of us are doing.

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