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Walgreens in Painesville, Ohio cashier was bagging my items and I didn't have my rewards card so I had to enter my phone number on the key pad, I asked the cashier when I was done if it went through and she rudely said to me "I can't do two things at once mam, geez" and she busted out laughing and there were customers in line behind me, I was so upset and humiliated that I left in tears and balled my eyes out in my car, I am always nice and polite to everyone, this is unacceptable and I will NEVER shop at Walgreens again!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Cashier.

Reason of review: Being treated so badly and humiliated in front of other customers.

Walgreens Cons: How badly i was treated especially in front of other customers.

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One person in a multi-billion dollar company, with thousands of employees, hurt my feelers. This is my first time ever dealing with someone disrespectful in a retail environment. BOO HOO, that single experience has completely ruined me, I will never go to one of the other 8000 locations.


That wasn't overreacting, companies are hiring incompetent rude and nasty employees lately and its unacceptable but unfortunately you see it everywhere now a days...SMH the worlds gone to *** sorry this happened to you...she should be fired!!!


Something similar just happened to me tonight. This cashier in Clayton CA.

spoke so demeaning to me while she was waiting on another customer. And just barked something out at me. I felt like never going back too. But figured I'd check w/ the store on how they deal with rude workers.

So I spoke to the mgr. of the store and she knew who I was speaking of and profusely apologized and said she'd deal with it. There's also Twitter and maybe Facebook.

Some people are tired and act in a brusk manner and murmur to a customer, mgt. should be made aware.


Sounds like you really overreacted.


Sounds like you are unaware on how customers should be treated!!!!


She didn't say anything rude. Sounds like the customer just took a harmless comment the wrong way.


Sounds like your in ***, i would have been upset too


Well then it sounds like you over react to things as well.