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I went to buy swimming gogles this morning in jaxksonville beach florida, today is october the 20 2009, the price was 9.99 they had about 50 of them on the shelves, they all had a price tag except 2 or 3 of them , by mistake I picked the one without price tag, that one was 12.99, very tricky pricing practice, very tricky business practive too, shame on you, I am mad , really mad, so mad i will never go back to walgreens again, you might have made $3 of me today, you lost a lifetime customer for good.

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3 dollars? Boo hoo. :cry


If the goggles were the only 2 without a price tag, that means they were probably a different variety which got put there by another customer. Items get shuffled around on the shelves all the time by customers who don't know (or care) where things belong, and who certainly don't care if Walgreens loses a couple bucks or a clerk gets screamed at. I guarantee you that those were items which were put back in the wrong spot, and I'm guessing that you chose the more expensive variety because they were a different design of higher quality. If you aren't happy with it, take the goggles back and get an exchange or return. You don't need a receipt to return items at Walgreens, but without one, you get store credit. You don't even need a good reason to return an item.


How on earth is it a "scam" to charge higher prices than other places for items? You can see the price clearly. You don't have to buy it. And the profit from these items selling will keep your drug prices lower. Obviously Walgreens makes a profit on those items or they wouldn't sell them. Walgreens items will cost more when they aren't on sale, anyway, because Walgreens has a lot of staff compared to Walmart and other stores. The staff is there to help you. Notice how clerks in Walmart never know where items are, and Walgreens clerks rarely don't? Better service costs the company more. That's just the price you pay. Shop somewhere else if it bothers you.


Give me a break. Why didn't you just say "oh those were with other glasses that were marked 9.99.

If those are 12.99 I don't want them. I'll go pick up the 9.99 ones instead."

They were probably on a different shelf that was marked 12.99 and a customer picked them up, saw cheaper ones and instead of putting them back just threw them on the shelf.

I worked retail and know how it goes. Everybody is always out to get you, ya right!


Reply: Walgreens pricing

We should know the scam Walgreens has been pulling for years. They are Primarily a Pharmacy trying to be in the variety store business.

They sell overpriced junk. Overpriced cosmetics, just compare the tiny little bottles of colognes & perfumes they sell @ inflated pricing.

What their doing is feeding off of the impulsiveness of buyers coming in for prescriptions, then while they are wating for them to be filled, customers will browse around their store and impulsively buy the inflated priced products. They need to focus on keeping the prices of drugs acceptable & affordable for consumers and forget about being a varity store.

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