Georgetown, Texas

In December, the Walgreen's on Williams Drive in Georgetown, Texas quoted me $2,700 for my cancer drug Xeloda. The next day someone else in the pharmacy quoted the cost as $396.

In January, I tried to refill the Xeloda on Wednesday. They needed to get some from another Walgreens. On Friday, the RX wasn't ready. The clerk said I would have to drive to Round Rock Texas for the pills.

Finally the pharmacy manager called an employee who lived in Round Rock and she picked the RX up the next day. This is the most mismanaged pharmacy in the US.

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Hope the cancer has cleared up. Here is what may have happened... Xeloda has varying costs depending on the specific NDC-11 (packaging / quantity / etc). You may have gotten two different costs based on two different NDC's.

Another possibility is that your insurance plan coverage changed, or you met a previously unmet deductible limitation. Due to plan changes / deductible limits, it is not uncommon to see a patient's costs for a recurring medication shift throughout the year.

You should be able to see the specifics on the Explanation of Benefits you receive.

Hope this helps,



Your comment is so misleading. "This is the most mismanaged pharmacy in the US." have you been to all the pharmacies in the U.S.? shut your mouth

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