I have the unfortunate title of Pharmacy Technician for Walgreens.When starting this "company" that claims they are the #1 Pharmacy, I thought well, I am a good tech and a hard worker and have a lot to bring to the table. The training they give their employees is "Crappy" and the people who have "Gone as far as they want to" (Walgreen's Slogan for employees) are rude, have the personality of a wet sock, and treat others badly. Walgreen's boast about their "open door policies, and their "code of conduct" that they expect all employees to follow. Another load of ***!If you make a suggestion, or a complaint, you are immediately on the black list and no one, not district managers, store managers, etc., do anything.

Another one of the store slogans is "Company is coming"; they always want the stores to "look clean" in case someone from the corporate office shows up; Ever been in the restrooms? Or better yet, the employee lunch rooms?These are both disgustingly filthy, which is why I won't use the bathrooms or eat in the breakrooms.

As far as their H1N1 vaccines go, all I can say is "buyer beware." Any injection that a person is given should be drawn up in a "sterile" manor, and this does not happen. You are better off to go the doctor to receive this. If your insurance covers it at Walgreen's, it will cover it at the MD office. Walgreen's will do anything to corner the market or make a buck, even if a consumer pays in the end, and guess what, YOU DO!

Walgreen's can boast to be America's number one Pharmacy, but the sad truth is that they long since left the original vision of founder Charles Walgreen, and drive away consumers daily. They nothing more than a corporation...............

I can honestly say, that if you do come in, this is one Technician who will do their best to help and serve you to the best ability I have, and treat you with respect. There are some worthy Technicians and Pharmacists, but only some.

As for for the rest................

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Chandler, Arizona, United States #1238340

I was employed by these people for 18 years. They threw me out like garbage. I can't say anything good about these people

Lexington, Kentucky, United States #1199738

Do what I did, and just steal something every day to make up for the low pay.Or, destroy some expensive products so the company looses the all important $$$.

Never got caught, came out way ahead, ha ha *** company lost so much money. Makes me laugh every time I think of it, worked there for 12 years. How much did I cost them in that time?

Should have appreciated me and gave me a decent raise.Always remember, there are ways to get back at them.


I currently work for walgreens but my days ar numbered because I get the shafts on scedual and they threw me in tO the pool of deth to fight my way out and it's realy getting old I am a hard worker and I want to work but not when it brings me down life is too short and I quit a good job at j.c.penneys because I was painted a pritty picture.

Englewood, Colorado, United States #952755

I worked at a Walgreens as a Pharmacy Technician.I've had other pharmacy technician positions at other pharmacies, and I've always working at those other pharmacies.

Except for Walgreens. Walgreens is a horrible place to work as a Pharmacy Tech. You are worked like a dog and the pharmacy manager treats you like "s***". The training is useless, as you complete all these PPL's which you quickly learn don't help you one bit when you are the floor helping customers.

They have a wonderful plan of having you go through training at a different store. Then you go to home store and you have to unlearn things and do things differently. Brilliant, huh? The last straw for me was when it was only me and the pharmacy manager working (there should never be only 1 tech working at any Walgreens especially when the tech is new), and hearing the pharm manager *** at me saying "I don't have time for this f****** s***"..

So I immediately gave 2 weeks notice. He quickly changed his tune and acted much more maturely, I'm assuming because he didn't want to lose me (it's not like many people want to work for Walgreens).. But it was too late. I'm now a pharm tech at a place that handles coverage determinations and re-determinations, and I'm also a PRN at a hospital..

I make more $ at those places and the air is much cleaner.Walgreens is a shameless outfit, and I wouldn't lose any sleep if they ran out of business.


I worked for almost 4 years as a Photo Tech.Not because I didn't want to advance mind you.

I was passed over on the same job three different occasions (I had to transfer stores). I busted my *** to get a promotion and they fired me after my co worker decided to tattle for something ***. Walgreens has it's ups and downs as a company. Transferring to different stores is super easy.

Sadly, they don't pay you enough to handle what you have to daily, even as an hourly employee.

I worked there for almost 4 years and I got .75 worth of a raise.If you can find another job, do it.


I was an assistant manager for Walgreens over ten years ago. I had my degree and worked in other industries. When the economy tanked, I decided to go into retail. Big mistake. As other posters stated previously, if u are an assistant manager, you wear all the hats in the store. U are the janitor, security guard, bank teller, stockboy, babysitter (for juvenile acting employees), pharmacy tech, truck unloader, loss prevention, etc etc. All for a meager salary. I heard they cut out OT for assistant managers. I used to get fussed at when I worked over 50 plus hours weekly (as scheduled by the store manager) because of all the OT I was making. However, this OT consisted of me closing the store at midnight and cleaning up and leaving around 1 am to having to turn around and come back and OPEN the same store at 6am the next morning. With an hour ride on public transporation that is only about 4 hours sleep to start another long 10-12 hour day.

I quit after a year of this madness. I am blessed NOW to be in an industry which I can utilize my degree. However, every once in a while I STILL have nightmares that I am back working as an assistant manager at Walgreens. The nightmare is that I will NEVER leave that company and I would have wasted my life.

To those who are there, utilize what they teach you, go back to school and GET OUT ASAP.

to Anonymous #726218

Congratulations on being able to use ur degree & all ur hard work with having to ride the bus!;-) U must be a very determined individual...I do have a question though & have come upon a situation from a new lazy manager...no need to mention names as of yet...Ido not want to be a problem...I have the need to go to the bathroom maybe more than some...but I feel I could easily get a doctor's note for going to the bathroom...even thoufg i go 10 minutes before...For some reason I have to go again right before I start my shift...some od the employees were complaining I was going to the bathroom after I punxhed in...As they say really...I try to work very hard & give no one grief until they start with me & tgen I make ental notes...they gave a problem with this but see no problem standing here ca carrying on conversations amongst themselves or one that's been there 29 yeats can't even pull out dated signs...doesn't notice them or,won't even help put 1 go back in cosmetics when she is Working in that dept?

And the lazy manager that is talking to me about my bathroom visits is,spending alot of Company time on personal phone calls?So my question is,What is policy for use of the bathroom on company time...I really hope they fire this lazy manager as she is not an asset or qualified in her job...plz di us a favor

Spokane, Washington, United States #633065

I love working for Walgreens and have not personally seen any of the things you talk about. Maybe it is just your store/area.


Long hours, back breaking work, dealing with some of the rudest people, nor properly training new employees, bad looks for calling in sick, lazy lazy lazy managers. At least in KC East


Supposedly Walgreens prides itself in hiring the disabled....Well it depends which category you fall under.If yours an invisible one, like being SMI or a developmentally challenged one or just plain old elderly, trying to supplement your SSI or SSDI check.

Meanwhile, many out there choose to do nothing...Beware, because once you start asking for an extra break or an accomadation.Then comes the inevitable, harrassment, bullying and the age old, corporate fascist mantra..."Well if you can't handle it, then find something else, or quit."

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