Lehigh Acres, Florida

on 1-10-13 i turned in a narcotic medication prescription to be filled. on 1-11-13 i called and asked if it was filled.

pharmacist said no not yet. please call back in 2 hours. i called in 2 hours. i was told no not yet.

it would be filled in 2 hours. i drove to pharmacy to collect medication. i was told it is not ready come back in to hours. i told them i have to go to GA.

i have to be there by 16:00 hrs. can i pick it up on sunday (1-13-13). they said no problem. i returned on 1-13-13 to collect medication.

they said it is not ready, come back in 2 hours. i asked to speak to pharmacist manager. she was not at work. store manager told me there was nothing she could do.

she is the store manager not the pharmacy manager. i asked the pharmacy tech if the prescription will be ready in 2 hours. he said yes. i asked my GF to pick up medication since i had to catch a flight back to Dallas in 45 min.

My GF has been picking up "ALL" of my prescriptions for the past 3 years. i got on plane, GF went back to pharmacy. Pharmacy told her they do not have it ready. it will be another 2 hours.

(she pulled up to drive thru). GF told pharmacy tech this is unacceptable. she wants to speak to whomever is in charge. pharmacy tech walked away, got on speaker (so that everyone could hear) and told her (GF) that she had to move her vehicle because others are trying to get their medication.

GF told him "NO" she's not moving, she was here first. Tech stated over microphone (so that everyone could hear), "IF YOU DO NOT MOVE I WILL CALL THE POLICE AND HAVE YOU REMOVED". GF said "really, you couldn't tell me this privately". another tech took over and asked if he could help.

GF told him the story, he asked if she could come inside. while she is parking he will have it filled. she parked walked inside, when she approached counter. the helpful tech told her, she cannot pickup medication for me.

someone has made a note on my profile stating none is to pick up my medication but me. she called me and told me. i told her I'm calling this pharmacy now. phone continued to ring on my end.

(i was using separate cell phone, i have two) i could hear phone ringing in background of other phone. helpful tech told her to have my call him. he can explain why she can't get meds. i told her to tell him to stop talking and answer phone, because I'm calling now.

he finally answered and told me excuse. i told him I've never authorized any changes to my profile. i asked who made the changes. he said he couldn't tell me.

i told him i want my profile corrected. he said i would have to come in with my ID. this was the only way i could make changes. after app.

30 minutes of arguing, he agreed to allow GF to pickup meds only if she gave him copy of Drivers License, cell phone number, home phone number, written statement of relation to me.

on 2-6-13 we went to same pharmacy to drop off prescription. pharmacist told us then they did not have the meds on hand. please "CALL" back on friday, we may have them then.

for we get a shipment in on thursdays. we called. i was told do to security and company policy we cannot give that info over the phone. i asked why was i told to "CALL".

pharmacist stated i misunderstood her directives. i told her "no i did not" how can someone misunderstand a simple directive such as "CALL" if you told me to come back, i would not have called. i asked again if they have the medications. she again stated the security and Company BS.

i told her if she would look at my profile, she could see that i have been shopping at this same location for the last 6 years, getting the same medication. its not like I'm some Joe Public asking for private info. again i got the company and security BS. i asked if i went to a Walgreens close to me.

could they tell me what the pharmacy in lehighe acres has for supplies for my meds. she told me yes. i knew this was BS. but hey i figured, just maybe they can.

i drove to the pharmacy closest to me (Dallas, TX) (now you know why my GF has been p/u my meds, i travel for my work). i asked them if they could tell me if the pharmacy in lehighe acres fl had on hand the meds i have a prescription for. they (Dallas,TX) no, we cannot tell. we don't have the capability of telling what they have or not.

they cannot tell what we have either. i asked this pharmacist to please call and ask. i figured one pharmacist could get the answer from another pharmacist. *** IDEA, they wouldn't tell her either.

i called the pharmacy ion Lehighe acres fl, while standing in front of the pharmacist in Dallas, TX. i asked the pharmacist in lehigh, why did you tell me that i could drive over to a pharmacy near me. ask them what you (lehigh) have for supplies on the meds i need. lehigh pharmacist told me that i misunderstood her, she did not say that.

i cussed her out for being ***, then i called customer service at corporate. i was able to talk to the complaint dept. i asked that i speak to the person who was in charge of all complaints. i do not want to have to tell the story twice.

the lady said she needed to know the story before she could transfer to the appropriate area. i asked her to connect to the person in charge of ALL complaints. again, i got the "i need to know speech". so i told he the story, all about the being told to call back, GF picking up meds, the profile BS, my long standings with Walgreens, the years of customer loyalty.

the lady on the phone with customer service stated (hold on, wait till you hear this) she told me that "I could not get a narcotic prescription filled in Tx from a Fl doctor." i asked her when the *** did i tell you that i was trying to do something like that. you are doing the same thing, they did. your NOT LISTENING. this company in my opinion,( my opinion is my sole opinion, not to be construed as to be the opinion of Walgreens or its affiliates, partners, or sister companies) has seriously gone to SH#*.

they will *****NEVER***** get another penny of my money. i have spent app. $21,600 on my medication over the past 6 years. I REFUSE TO DEAL WITH A COMPANY THAT IS TO *** TO PROTECT ITS CUSTOMERS.


Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Monetary Loss: $278.

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Thank you so much for this website and your candid stories in dealing with the pharmacy. I have been a very loyal customer in at my local Walgreen's for too many years to count.

I even get my flu shots and other OTC vitamins, cold meds, and other products at my local Walgreen's. I am and have been on several prescription meds for years that must have totaled a small fortune for my local Walgreen's pharmacy. Since about a year or so ago, whenever I call the pharmacy to check prescriptions or have any questions they always manage to make my blood pressure rise, make me a nervous wreck, and /or cause me to start bawling after I hang up the phone. :cry

The pharmacy manager is wonderful but is not there all of the time.

I have personally called headquarters a few years ago to let them know how professional, knowledgeable, and courteous the manager is toward the customers and is an asset to their company.

I have complained recently about some issues with the rest of the staff to the store manager and to headquarters. If I had not found this site, I would have thought I had some type of a "black mark" on my name in the pharmacy computer! I began to think it was only me with whom they had some type of issue.

This site confirms to me that my idea of switching to another pharmacy might be the right idea after all!

Gosh, I can't thank everyone here enough.

After all, the reason why we are all visiting the pharmacy to begin with is because of our heath.

God bless each of you I truly hope each of us finds a pharmacy who truly cares for its customers.


If your profile was changed to saying only you should be picking up your meds, no one can change that until you bring in an ID. It sucks because if this was done in error, then it's frustrating for you. But if someone had a lock on her profile and someone claiming to be her "called in" and said give it to Joe-Shmoe....there'd be a legal situation.


I would like to add that the store manager has absolutely NO control over the pharmacy itself. ONLY the pharmacist can dispense medications. ONLY the pharmacist.


No wonder you're on narcotics.


Obviously your medication is a controlled substance.

A) No matter what kind of note is in your file, you are the only one who can pick it up legally. And you must have a valid form of identification.

B) Prescriptions for a controlled substance can not be transferred across state lines no matter what the situation. When you were told to go to the nearest pharmacy to have the script filled, either you left out the fact that you were out of state at the time or due to your frustration she didn't catch that you were already across state lines. Other wise she would not have told you to go elsewhere.

C) Nearly all Walgreens Pharmacies are short staffed these days. Your script was probably constantly pushed back in the first place because people who come in store take precedent to scripts called in. This is mandated by corporate. Things get nuts and floor managers more often than not have to step in to help. Most of us are certified Pharmacy Techs but there are many who aren't yet but know how to help out. We fill as fast as possible, but not all of us can be as fast as Flash Gordon.

D) Only the Pharmacist can access a controlled substance that is to be filled. It must be counted 3 times over, initialed and the bottle the drug was filled from must be counted 3 times also. This is mandated by the DEA, not Walgreens.

If you still have a problem you can blame corporate for this. We are doing all we can with the minimum resources we have.

@Tired Emloyee

It is NOT the law that only YOU can pick up your own controlled substance. There are people that are bed-ridden on pain meds.

How are they suppose to go to the pharmacy and pick up their own meds? As far as you being the only one who can pick up your meds. You asked someone to do that. The pharmacy doesn't give a flying flip who gets your meds.

As long as they show a valid ID (federal law). Do you really think someone decided only you can pick up your meds and nobody else that just gives them another step to go through to sell it. Also the tech didn't answer the phone because your "GF" was in there complaining about the situation. Do you expect him to tell her she has to shut-up while he answers the phone.

That would just give her something else to *** about. Also they USE to be able to see what other stores had in stock on the computer, but not now because of security reasons. Why the heck do you care what the store in FL has in stock when you clearly are in another state? Getting ready for your next score?

Can't even wait until you get back home to FL to find out? As far as it taking so long to fill, They have 10 steps to go thru to fill a controlled now. It's not just count pills. They now have to call the dr.

and confirm they are writing it for the right reasons. Don't blame the pharmacies. If you have a problem with that write your Senator.

Otherwise give them 5 days notice, so they will have plenty of time to go thru the steps and fill it. Then have a smooth transaction.

@Tired Emloyee

You are clearly a *** and despite your "customer loyalty", certain pharmacists don't care to enable people like you. And the note was in your profile because sketchy people like you always have notes like that in your profiles.

Ohhh and then you called corporate to complain about the refusal to fill a controlled substance? That's hilarious. You realize the person speaking with you was rolling her eyes the entire time she spoke with you, right?

At walgreens, a refusal to fill a controlled substance complaint is basically deleted. End of story. Go somewhere else and try to fill it, or better yet, correct the problem by taking my advice: Quit abusing prescription drugs (you and your "GF")