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Spoke with a pharmacy tech at 6pm Monday night and was told my Rx was ready for pick up....the insurance wouldn't cover the medication but out of pocket cost was $6. I went in 24 hrs later to pick up that Rx and was in the drive thru line for 20 minutes.

10 before they said there was an issue, I then proceeded to explain to them what was discussed the night before.....another 10 minutes before I got the Rx at the $6 cost. I was furious. I am now moving all my Rx's to another pharmacy NOT with Walgreens. And what was funny, while waiting in the car, I received a call from Walgreens stating my Rx was ready.

This is NOT the 1st time I have had issues and every time I go to that walgreens, there is continually different staff.....I can't imagine the turnover. Walgreens at the corner of Davis and Airport in Naples, FL

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Pharmacy....continuallly back tracking to fix mistakes.

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Same here. Ridiculous problems at 2 different locations in the Metro Detroit area. You are not alone.