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On May 11,I moved to a new address at that time my medicne was lost or stolen from me. I called 0n Friday the 28th and told the pharmacy tech,my story and that I didn't have many pills left.She, stated call back on Tuesday.

I did not call back on tuesday, but came in on thursday the 3rd, for some pills.Supervisor stated, we can not just give you any pills, you have to pay twelve dollars, it is too soon for more pills, I told her I really needed them. Also told her some times the walgreens over on division would give me some, she did not respond.I also stated'I hope I don't have a stroke.I had went to to the doctor and my blood pressure was elevated at that time. Both the supervisor and tech seem unconcerned, not very good attitudes.

From Beulah G. Sipp

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pills.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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If the tech told you to call on Tuesday, why didn't you just call on Tuesday? Why would you wait until Thursday?


My local Walgreens refused to give me a single life sustaining blood pressure pill(or sell it},when my mail order supply was delayed,and my doctor was out of the office.They lied and said it was against the law. That's one company I'd advise not using.@@#$%


Okay walgrees only "gives" you free pills when you are out of refills and we are contacting your doctor but he/she has not responded. given that you are completly out of your medication and it is not a controlled substance, then the pharmacist can dispense a three days supply untill the doctor responds!

BUT that three days supply is taken out of your total amount of pills and paid for by insurance once the new script is filled! so technically it is not free! it is up to the pharmacist if he wants to take that chance and give you enough until he can contact insurance and request an override but that is one in a million especially with an expensive medication! we cannot dispense free pills simply because you lost your medication.

sorry if that were the case people would be "losing" thier medications all the time and we would be dishing out free meds and losing money not only that its illegal its called stealing from the company! every product comes with a price whether you pay or insurance someone has to pay nothing comes free!


Ok Beulah, I am assuming you are about 6 years old and have no concept of personal responsability. Do you go to the grocery store and expect them to give you a few groceries b/c you lost yours?

How about the gas station?

Are you REALLY that retarded? Are you really dumb enough to let everyone else know how dumb and self-centered you are?


buy flagyl :cry :( :zzz :p 8) :sigh :upset :eek :roll :? :grin ;) :x :cry


Self-taught entitlements of the pharmacy it. So sad, but true.

People don't understand that in life, YOU have to take responsibility for YOUR health. NO I am not responsible for finding your insurance information if you don't have it. NO it is NOT my responsibility to babysit you. You are an adult.

You lose your medication, you BUY a new supply. Nothing is free in life, and you cannot depend on other people to take care of you when you are an adult.


i do agree with common sense at my store we can call your insurance and get an early override if you lost your rx at my store its the pharmacist on duty at her discretion to give an emergency supply but they do it on a state medicaid prior auth thats goign to be covered or out of refills and medication is current but your refill to soon and yes minimum is 11.99.


Don't blame the tech., the final word comes from the pharmacist on duty. None-the-less, Walgreens was happy to fill your prescription for you, assuming you have prescription insurance, your insurance rejected the claim as "refill too soon." Now if you had a nice attitude, the pharmcy staff should have called your insurance to see if you had "accidental" coverage on your policy for prescriptions.

And like other said, the pharmacist can't just start handing out free pills, it comes with a price. Minimum price for any RX drugs and quantity is $11.99 for out-of-pocket payers. Our system does allow the patient to get an emergency supply (depending on the drug) but it only applies if you are out of refills. It's not our fault that you put yourself finacially in that situation.

And yes, sometimes some Walgreens might give you a emergency supply without documenting it, but it REALLY depends on how well the pharmacist knows/trust you to risk their license.


Wal-greens would not have to be without compassion if you did the adult thing and took care of your medication.


All you jerks that sent those e-mail, do not have compassion and some walgreens will give you pills because I have got them. I am on a fixed income spent lots of money moving really didn't have no money. Just pray that u don't get in this situation, I still believe their attitudes stink and so does every one that answered,


Since when is it Walgreens' fault YOU lost your meds and then waited TWO MORE days to come and get them? Ahhhh the self taught entitlements of the pharmacy customer.


Walgreens has nothing to do with this. It's the insurance.

You can not just recieve pills if you lost them. Walgreens may do a partial fill but you would still haveto pay and next time you wouldn't get your whole prescription.


They can give you enough pills if you lost or misplaced yours especially if the Dr. says ok. Of course you have to pay.


Obviously you did have a stroke since you cannot keep track of your medication. You want medication but too cheap to pay for it.



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