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On April 18 2013 at 9:45am, I went to Wal-greens located on Miramar Pkwy and University Drive to drop off a prescription that I have filled there several times over the past year by Dr. Mark Leeds (License # 087559).

While in the Drive though section of Wal-greens pharmacy, I was told by Rihanna that they cannot fill my oxycodone 30mg (120 tablets) prescription from that doctor anymore without giving the reason why and then began to state that I need to find another doctor. The following morning I found another doctor (Dr. John L. Cosby) and I explained my situation and recent experience with Wal-greens.

Dr. Cosby then called Dr. Leeds office to inform them of my situation and to request my medical records to be faxed over and they did. On the 25th of April at 9am, I went to the same Wal-greens with a new prescription of oxycodone 30mg (120 tablets) written by my new doctor, Dr.

Cosby. The pharmacy supervisor Mr. Palenas told me that he can’t fill the prescription because I need a real doctor to write it. At this time I notified my Dr.

Cosby of what was said.

Then I went back to the Wal-greens drive through on May 16th at 9:30am with the same prescription and pharmacist Rihanna with an aggressive tone and attitude said to me “THIS IS NOT A REAL DOCOTOR” …..I was trying to ask her to call the doctor office, but she wouldn’t listen to anything that I had to say, she just kept right on rudely talking over me saying “I will not fill the script because he is not a real doctor. So I went back to the doctor’s office and spoke with the manager Carol, and then Carol spoke with Rihanna. During their telephone conversation pharmacist Rihanna denied her statements to me and told Carol that I was doctor shopping.

Then Carol verified and told Rihanna that I was not doctor shopping and that I switched doctors only because of what was told me by Wal-green phararsist. Rihanna then realized that my doctor is real and I am not doctor shopping. At this time carol told me to go back to the Wal-greens pharmacy. I returned to Wal -greens pharmacy inside the store this time, and gave Rihanna the prescription and waited there an hour while Rihanna and her supervisor (who was on the phone) try to resolve Rihanna’s mistake of entering me into the ‘data base’ as doctor shopping.

Then I was told by Rihanna that they could not resolve her miss-stake and that there was nothing that they could do at this point.

Bottom line I would like to know the reasons why I can no longer get narcotic’s prescribed at Wal-greens.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Its up to the pharmacist discretion to fill rx for narcotics , if they think the rx is not legit , they have all the right to refuse to fill it, you can't force someone to fill your rx


if they think the rx is not legit????? then that's fine but what do I do in this case?

in the end wal-greens did acknowledge that their assumption was wrong and tried to fix it but now im stuck without being able to get my meds at this time, when all this could have been avoided (they do have ways to check and see if my doctor is real and to see if I was doctor shopping,). I have been receiving these same meds and filling the same rx at this same wal-greens for over a year.


If you were erroneously put on the list as a doctor shopper and Walgreens won't correct it, then you need to see an attorney who will contact them, etc. and go from there if they refuse to correct their mistake.

Assuming, of course that you are not doctor-shopping.

Pharmacies really are afraid of government sanctions relating to narcotic drug dispensing. As are physicians.


thanks a lot I will do what I have to do in this case.