Deatsville, Alabama

so I went to Walgreen in las Vegas nv and as a couponer I see the deals and know what I am going for and the limit per person. I went and I was told that the sales items were only limit 2 per person and that the manager had made that new policy, when in the ad it said another I went to check out which was crazy, when the manager saw my cart and saw 6 shampoos and said that suppose ably there was a limit of 1 per household I told him that I had just seen a lady (wife) grab three with no problem.

his response was, well she got lucky.

my sister an I were so mad that we started crying not because we wanted the things but because he was so unfair he let his wife get whatever she wanted and he told us to come tomorrow.

I don't really know if you guys get what I just said put I was wonder where can I call to file a complain.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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Madison, Wisconsin, United States #618095

Really? You were crying?

Ain't nobody got time for that! :x


Different managers have different rules. Go to another walgreens for the sale if you want it so bad. Not all McDonalds are the same, why should you expect it anywhere else?

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