Edgewater, Florida
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Needed Novolin, a non prescription insulin for my pet. Walgreens is 3 miles from home so I go there.

Girl behind the counter acted like she had never seen it and asked if it was a prescription. I said no, I've been picking it up for 6 yrs at Walmart. She immediately went straight to the fridge and got it, so obviously she had SOME experience with it. She says "only prob.

is its quite expensive, I say "how much"? She said $92!!!!! I told her its $26. at Walmart and walked out.

Now I understand prices can vary and have no problem with that, maybe even %10-%20 but 75%?? ROBBERY!!

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Orlando, Florida, United States #764969

Stores can charge what they want, yay capitalism!

to Anonymous Edgewater, Florida, United States #765062

True, but we don't have to shop there, we have a choice.

to tunaman Orlando, Florida, United States #765623

Fact. :)

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