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I am a chronic pain sufferer and have been on the same pain meds for over 10 years. In fact, every year I am slowly decreasing my dose.

Walgreens has filled my same meds for the last 10 years every month with no issues until now. I am only allowed to use one pharmacy according to my pain agreement with my pain clinic. Walgreens was that pharmacy. NOT ANYMORE !!

Out of the blue, I was told this month that the pharmacist didn't agree with the medications my doctor has me on and from now on refuses to fill them. I called my doctor’s office after this happened and the doctor’s office stood by me. I called them to inform them of what happened and to ask permission to switch to another pharmacy per my pain agreement with them. The first question the doctor’s office asked me was if I used Walgreens.

I said yes and they said find another pharmacy ASAP. They are tired of arguing with Walgreens about my medical condition as well as the conditions of all of their patients. At this time, I also had just broken my collarbone too. Now my husband’s job does not offer him health insurance and I quit my job 2 years ago to go to college to better my career so I, right now, don't have insurance either.

I will be done with school in about a year and hopefully will find a great job with good insurance but I am now skeptical about that due to ***, unfair Obamacare. Companies will be cutting full-timers hours to part-time to avoid paying them any insurance benefits and even if you get lucky and remain full-time, the company will possibly drop your coverage because the fine will be cheaper than paying for your insurance. That or you as an employee will just have to pay much more for your benefits out of your own pockets with higher deductibles and less coverage. On top of that, you may not be able to keep your current doctor under Obamacare.

It took me years to find a great pain management clinic. I've been with them for years and I refuse to give them up. Anyway, after Walgreens refused to fill my prescription, the same one they have filled with no problem for the last 10 years, I went to the next nearest pharmacy, CVS. They had the medication but refused to fill my prescription because I have no insurance right now.

I told them I can prove I'm a full-time college student at age 48 and I can prove my husband’s job does not offer any health insurance to their employees. They didn't care. I really think we should all ban together and do something legally because this is so unfair, being treated as addicts when we are not. The people who are drug-seekers and abusing meds are making those of us who are following the rules and in real need of these meds miserable.

All we want is to live some semblance of a normal life.

I guess what the government wants is for us all to live on disability and be reliant on the government as we all suffer in extreme pain because we don't deserve any quality of life. Do you know how high the suicide rate will become if this happens?

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