Chesapeake, Virginia
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I have had prescriptions filled at this Walgreens twice and both times the pharmacy staff were rude and unprofessional. This time I was talking to the pharmacist (5/4/11)about a problem I was having with an antibiotic prescription that the pharmacist said they never received, although my md's nurse called and said it had been faxed, and my physician also e-mailed me that it had been faxed.

The pharmacist read me the riot act and hung up in my face.

Never again will I deal with this Walgreens. There is a pharmacy in the Harris-Teeter nearby.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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What is wrong with you Joe?? Why would you ever do this to anyone, male or female??

Why are you proud that you "got a few of them to quit and some others fired?" It seems to me that if you go into any situation with this violent attitude then you can only have 1 reaction: violence in turn either by attitude or physical reaction. It is truely disturbing to think that people think that this is an appropriate way to react. If the tech made a mistake then yes let them know but remember that they are HUMAN and can make errors just like you have I am absolutly sure. If the doctor forgot to fax the prescription or it was delayed would you act like this in their office?

I doubt it. Please remember that we are all supposed to be civilized people and that we can communicate in such a way as to RESOLVE our issues rather than add to them. If the pharmacist was rude then let the manager know, if a technician sucks then let the MANAGER know.

Violence it NOT OKAY. I hope that you never act on these words and that you are much more balanced then you are presenting yourself.


Let me guess redneck with 6th grade education. And just because a doctor says he faxed doesnt mean they did. They fax when they feel like it, today, or tomorow


If some employee, pharmacist or whomever Was rude to me and hung up on me?

1. I'd be in my PUp truck and drive there

2. And tell the Clerk when oyu walk in, to tell the store Mgr to meet me back at the Pharmacy

3. Then I would tell that Pharmacist to get over to the counter, and make sure I was loud enought so his Staf could hear me.. and embarasse him as much as I could

4. Repeating the Situation to the store Mgr in Detail and what this Pharmacist did..

and if this was my fault then I apologize.. but if it wasn't?

I exepct an apology or I will wait for him outside in the parking lot and we can settle it then..

Take your choice..

better yet if it's a Woman.. so many think they can be rude to men and get away with it? Ain't gonna happen.. You want to act like a Man and cause trouble, be prepared lady.. to be swallowing some teeth..

and don't be afraid to jump all over those Technictian/Clerks..I've gotten a few of them to Quit and some others fired..

Of course, they seem to want to Be Nicer to Men vs the Women...

Don't mistake my Kindness for Ignorance..

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