Madison, Wisconsin

We purchased $3862.58 worth of fertility drugs from Schraft's, (a Walgreen's specialty pharmacy)and before my wife started using the drugs she became pregnant naturally. We asked if we could return the unused and unopened drugs for at least a partial refund.

The pharmacy said they cannot accept return of drugs it is against the law. I asked if they could agree to a partial discount then since we will never use the drugs and it is a total loss to us. I asked if they would consider discounting just the amount of the profit margin so that they would not lose any money on the deal but I would lose less. I said even some store credit I could use for other things would be appreciated.

We paid for these drugs with after tax money, no insurance covered this. They said too bad we will not help you out at all. They said they did nothing wrong and it was just our bad luck and they had no reason to help us out. They said they are entitled to make their profit since they sold us the drugs as requested.

I told them I understand they are not required to do anything to help us but I thought they might consider doing something to help since it is a major burden and they could choose not to make a profit on this. I did not ask them to give a full refund, only the profit on the drugs. They told me to stop calling them. They would not help.

I will never shop at a Walgreens again. What a waste of the drugs and what a terrible attitude they have.

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No offense, but I wouldn't want someone else's returned drugs. It just isn't safe.


They are just following the law. There is also no reason for them to refund any of your money.

They are in business to make a profit, and nobody forced you to make the purchase in the first place. If you don't bother to learn all of the terms of the purchase, then the responsibility of the matter can only fall on you, and not on the pharmacy. Realistically, I would not expect any other pharmacy to refund any of your money. You have the right to shop where you wish, but you are not being rational about this situation.

Think about it: you had trouble with pregnancy, and sought fertility drugs to increase your chances. You purchased the drugs, and your pregnancy was a success. The outcome was exactly as you had hoped. Would you feel the same way if the fertility drugs did not work?

This seems to be the best of all possible outcomes.

Try to recognize your fortune, and do not hold onto the negativity since it only hurts you and there is zero benefit from this mentality. Anyway, congratulations!


Ok... Scratch the part about the law.

That is a detail that is not relevant to my response. The rest of the comment stands, however.

I don't mean it in the spirit of vitriol, but it's just an attempt to look at it logically. I understand that it's painful to spend that much money on something and not need it.


To FORMER EMPLOYEE: your response is completly incorrect. insurance reimbursment is varied and is based on the plan, group and drug in question.

Additionally, the complaint said that the patient didn't use insurance.

The customer, in this instance is right, we didn't HAVE to refund any money but that wasn't the point. Could we not as a company looked at this situation and said how can we help?

They bought medications to try and have a family and it turned out that they were lucky enough not to need them.

No, we can't take the meds back and maybe we don't want to set a precedent for refunding the profits on prescriptions.

But could we have sent a congrats basket with a Walgreens gift card? Could we have explained the situation in a way that the patient understood and didn't feel abused and taken advantage of: YES!


To JWS: if the independant pharmacy took the medication back then that is okay and legal, however it is ILLEGAL for them to redispense that product as they cannot guarantee its safety (comtrolled temperature, not tampered with, etc) for the next patient. So yes for a controlled medication any pharmacy will try to locate the product and have it returned but that product must be then documented and returned and destroyed it CANNOT be redispensed, but we do have to track the product in all of these stages for the DEA.

To psd: I work for Walgreens and it does seem to me that they should have been more accomidating to you. While they had no legal obligation to provide you with a refund, a courtesy ammount could have been given, even a portion of the profit on the meds could have been refunded.

With that being said while the drugs are VERY expensive the profit margin on them is not very high, and in the retail stores we make very little on the products themselves, typically not more than 10-12% on brand name medication (which i'm assuming these were since it is fertility meds). I'm sorry that they didn't work with you and I hope someday that you give Walgreens another chance.


Get real. The insurance reimbursement for ANY drug, regardless of the cost is 2 or 3 dollars.

Period. Drug cost $10. Insurance payment $3. Your cost $13.

Drug cost $2,000 insurance reimbursement $3. Your cost $2,003. The mistake was on the part of your Dr. Why didn't you ask HIM to reimburse you?

Have you every worked in a business before? Sorry that you were out all that money but your not going to get it back from the pharmacy.


I went to my pharmacist on a Wed to get a script for 30 Kadians(time release Morphine). The script was for 30 capsules.

The pharmacy did not have them in stock, so they had to order them. It takes 2 days to get a Class II narcotic. Friday I went in and picked them up. It appeared that the tech who filled out the label on Wednesday, prior to checking to seeing if the medication was in stock, just affixed the label to the bottle of Kadian that came in on Friday, then placed my order on the shelf for pick up.

When I got home Friday afternoon I thought the bottle of 30 Kadians I was expecting seemed to weigh quite a lot. Upon checking further, I realized the pharmacy tech had affixed the label calling for 30 capsules to the fully unopened bottle of a hundred Morphine capsules. I suppose during inventory check at the close of business Monday the folks at the pharmacist discovered their huge mess up. One of the tech's called me and asked me very nicely if I would bring back the 70 capsules too many they had given away.

Had it been a chain store such as CVS, Walmart, Kmart, Walgreens, etc...they would have never heard from me. But, since it was a mom and pop store I used I would ave not felt right had I not returned the medication. I would not have felt at ease from that day foward to walk into their store. Mom and pop stores are still the type of place people are known by who and what they are as opposed to some phone number or social security number.

So this incident highlites the fact that pharmacies have no problems whatsoever taking medication back and restocking it. And it matters none at all that the medication was opened. If the screw up ocurrs on their end and the medication is a highly controlled narcotic they will do everything within their power to locate it, persuade its return, restock it and sell it. In such cases the patient has no obligation to comply with their request but doing so will pay off somewhere down the road.

But as I said, there is no way I would have been so generous to the chain stores. Actually, I doubt they would have even called.

But, again, pharmacies wil gladly take back medication that has left their store. Just depends on the who, what and how of the screw up.


Let me ask you something. When you go to a store a buy a gallon of milk, but then you don't drink it as fast as you thought you would, and a quarter of it goes bad, do you ask the store to give you back some of the money you spent since you couldn't use it?

I'm going to assume the answer to this question is no, that would be crazy. These two situations have only one difference. Total dollar value. In both cases, a retail store sold you and item you asked for, that you wanted.

In both situations, you ended up not needing the item you purchased willingly.

In both situations, the retailer has no reason to give you back the money they earned through your transaction. If anyone sees some distinction here that I don't, please post it.


you also have to take into account the time and money that walgreens puts forth to obtain and fill a prescription. There is a ton of behind the seens work that goes into it. If walgreens refunds a portion of the profit it may go to you, but you are taking money right out of the pocket of employees.


Well either way they CANNOT take back the medication, and you do not deserve a discount because you bought on impulse. It is a shame that your wife got pregnant.

This means that you passed on your *** genes to someone else. Hopefully your child is more like your wife than you. If not I advise you to give the child up for adoption so if you by any way caused damage by your genes at leas the child can be raised right. They don't owe you a discount or refund.

Grow up and learn the world does not revolve around you. You are not the only one who is right here. You are right this is not about the law, this is about you wanting your way and throwing a temper tantrum when you don't get your way. I am sure they are happy to get rid of you as a customer.

You won't be returning, well, here is what they probably have to say. good bye, don't let the door hit you on your way out.


I am not getting through on this. It is not against the law to provide a discount.

Walgreen's would not have had to accept a return of the drugs to provide a discount. I did not ask them to violate the law. I asked for a discount or store credit after the fact. There is nothing illegal about that.

It is not a criminal offense to ask for a discount.

It appears to have been an unrealistic request, but not in any way unlawful. I am amazed at both the misunderstanding of what I am communicating and the vitriolic response.


If the precedent is set for pharmacies to refund picked up and then unused prescriptions, then prices would go up for everyone. That's like asking for refund on travel insurance policy after you survived a trip.

My goodness, be happy you don't need it, since the medication was only used to increase your chances.

Happens all the time.


I hope you guys decide to put that child up for adoption because you are not parent material. They have to follow by the laws.

What example are you to your child if you expect people to break the law just because you want your way. You have to live by the rules. Grow up before your child can learn from your behavior. Too bad they did not call the police on you and have you sent to jail so your future child can be raised by a foster family who is willing to obey the law and eventually be adopted by a law abiding family instead of someone asking people to break the law for them because they did not get their way.

Walgreens does not want your service, because you asked them to break the law even when they told you they can't. To them you are crooks.


One last time. I realize there are laws prohibiting taking back unused medications.

My request to Walgreen's was to give me a discount on them given the circumstances and the extremely large amount of the financial loss. I do not think it is absurd to try to get a company to help in a situation like that. Many companies do help customers in situations like that to extend goodwill. This was not $25 worth of unused drugs.

It was nearly $4000 so I was hoping they would consider the circumstances and extend some goodwill. So yes I am frustrated by the whole thing and I do think they could have chosen to offer some assistance to us. I would have been happy with a 5% discount or store credit. So all I can do is share my perspective and of course not shop there.

I understand many will not agree with my perspective. That is OK, I hope some do and will decide to shop elsewhere.


:grin Please. Dont shop there then.

Don't shop at any pharmacy that won't accept returns on drugs. Give me a break.

Unreasonable profits? Who twisted you arm to buy them?


Psd, I just read your second comment. At Walgreens we will refund anything with a reciept in the front end of the store.

No matter what the condition is.

But in pharmacy it IS against the law. It has nothing to do with Walgreens wanting to take your money.


I didn't even read your whole complaint. It sounded obsurd.

If anyone at walgreens ever talked to anyone they way people say they do in complaints, they would have been out of bussiness in 1902.

So, you wanted Walgreens to give you a partial refund for something they would then have to throw away? What sense does that make? Walgreens can not refund any drug that has left the store.

That does suck that you didn't need it, but that truly is just your bad luck. :?


Read the description of what happened more clearly. There is no law against Walgreen's giving a partial refund for the drugs or a discount. They did not need to allow us to return the drugs to do that. We told them very clearly that is what we would be satisfied with. That is what we asked for. They instead opted to tell me they were not required to help me out at all so they would not. This was not about the law, it was about trying to get them to be a little flexible in what they charged for drugs that were not used or even opened and would go to waste. I asked them to give me a store credit for the markup on the drugs so they were not losing money(their direct costs would still be covered) and I would at least lose less. They told me it was not a precedent they wanted to set. So anyway we donated the drugs to our fertility clinic in hopes someone else who could not afford to buy them may get some use out of them.

I work for a consumer products company and deal with product warranty complaints regularly. We always manage to satisfy customers, often even though products are out of warranty and were abused. It costs more but we feel it is worth it in the long run to try to keep customers loyal. I was hoping Walgreen's had a similar philosophy. Apparently not.

So yes "buddy" I will try to show them by not shopping there and telling others I think they are not a store that cares much about helping out their customers in special circumstances.


It is against the law to accept a return on drugs once they leave the pharmacy.....nothing walgreens can do so complain to your senator


That's right buddy - you'll show them. How dare they follow the law!!