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Tom Taylor, who replaced a very intelligent Paul Ray, changed customer service policies to be ruder, and shorter with customers. He also hired fewer employees than we needed to "save money", both not the sales floor and in the pharmacy. He is directly responsible for the long wait times in the pharmacies. Tom Taylor also removed all the good photo equipment, and replaced it with "dry labs" (basically, inkjet machines) because his policies got so many well-trained employees to quit, it was impossible to maintain the "wet" labs. Now, all Walgreens in the Hampton Roads area print low-quality photos for the same price.

He has gotten some managers to push employees to to more work than is possible, or punish them. Several of my old coworkers (we were a team for years) were even told that they were lazy by the new managers. All my old coworkers have literally quit within the last few months. All I see when I walk into the store I worked in for the last five years are young, unfamiliar faces.

I wrote a letter to this new district manager several months ago about his policies, and why they don't work, and he made them more stringent instead. He won't listen to feedback from the floor managers or store managers. He won't even listen to the exit interviews (some of which speak for themselves). He needs to go.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walgreens Pros: Store and old staff 3 months ago.

Walgreens Cons: New district manager.

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If what you write is accurate, you are the one who needs to go. Follow the example set by all of your coworkers.


Hey, ***, I DID go. Didn't you read the whole thing?

I haven't worked for Walgreens in over a year now. I am using this website to embarrass Walgreens and Tom Taylor, and to warn others who just might be considering a job there. What did you think I was writing this for? To whine like a weak-minded ***?

I already wrote to the CEO about his behavior since this review, and have yet to see any progress so far. I DID request that this new district manager be investigated without his involvement, however.

I might be just one former employee, but public embarrassment, even if only a little, is always a major deterrent to bad corporate behavior.

You should have given me a thumbs-up for at least trying.