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My experience is with Walgreens "convenient" mail order service. The short story: It's been nearly one month since I transferred a prescription from a Walgreens retailer to their mail order service and I have still not received my prescription.

The long story: I transferred a prescription from a Walgreens retailer nearly one month ago. After going through account setup and consolidation (there was a 10-year old address in their database) I was told that the prescription would be filled and shipped within 24hrs. The very next day, I received a call from a Walgreen's rep to verify what address to send my Rx to -- the 10-year old address I specifically told them previously to delete, or the new one where I presently live. I told them to ship to the new one where I presently live, and not the 10-year old one I don't live at. They confirm and I was told the Rx should be processed and shipped within a couple of days.

Seven days pass and I call Walgreens to confirm my prescription was shipped. I was told they sent it the day after I called... to the 10-year old address where I do not live at. I asked them why they called to confirm my address (and it was corroborated in their customer support record tracking program) if they were just going to send it to the 10-year old address anyway? The rep apologized on behalf of the company and told me that they would re-ship the order immediately. A day later I received a call from my doctor informing me that she received a call requesting a new Rx and that she couldn't issue a new Rx without seeing me first; this was impossible as I'd recently moved nearly 3,000 miles away.

I immediately called Walgreens to find out what was going on. Apparently if Walgreens messes up and ships prescriptions to the wrong address after they've confirmed the correct address to ship an Rx to, they (read: the consumer) have to get a NEW Rx from the issuing doctor. This coming from both the CSR and her "supervisor". No exceptions. Fine. I called my doctor back, explained the situation and the doctor relented, agreeing to provide an Rx and reiterating that I need to see a doctor asap in my new city.

Three days later I follow up with Walgreens to check on the status of my Rx. I am told that the doctor requested a written account of Walgreens "mix-up" and that she would submit a new Rx when that was sent. They submitted the requested information and proceeded to sit and wait for a fax from my doctor. I told them that perhaps they should contact my doctor directly as she works at a very busy office. The rep "put in the request" for a Walgreens pharmacist to contact the doctor while I was on the phone. I was again told that the Rx should be sent within 24 hrs.

Three days later I received an email confirming the receipt of my order and that my Rx should be shipped within 24hrs. The Thanksgiving holiday passes...

Today I called to verify my order status. The automated systems stated my order will be shipped in another two weeks. Unacceptable! I got through to a rep who at first informed me that they are still waiting for my doctor to send the prescription. When I informed the rep that I specifically instructed that a pharmacist call my doctor the week prior, I was told that the request wasn't put in until the day after I made my request and that no one was around (at Walgreens) because of the holiday. Then she told me that, oh yes, the Rx did come through and was being processed and that she'd put in a request to expedite the shipment in the next 24 hours. And then turned around and told me to check back with them three days hence to verify.

Even though my Rx isn't necessary for treating a life-threatening condition, it is a regimented treatment that may affect general quality of life if not administered on the appropriate schedule. And I'm nearing the very end of my most current refill.

Walgreens mail order services does not equal convenience.

Walgreens customer service is very, very limited. Walgreens processes are disjointed and the workflow is shattered (at best). Their reps are helpful to a certain extent, but I are hindered by disjointed processes in place.

I will not be using Walgreens Rx mail order service nor their retail services ever again after I receive this prescription. This has been the most frustrating experience I've ever had in getting a prescription filled. Ever.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

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