Eight Mile, Alabama

I was not treated good at all at this store I'm by no means trying to throw out the racist

Card but when I'm standing there waiting to be helped and the

Employee continues to look at me and not even speak but when

An African American women Walks up the employee right away asks her what she needs.

I'm sorry but this is not the first time I've dealt with this so i feel like

Something needs to be done with showing these employees how to

Treat customers and that means any body no matter what race. I don't think i will return

To this store again and will let my friends know that it isn't a customer

Friendly store.i hope you are able to change the attitudes

of these employees or your business at this store will eventually not be

a store with a good review.thank you for your time.

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Wallgreens is like that to everyone it has nothing to do with your race you could be green with purple polka dots and they would still treat you like ***


Why do people assume blacks are African American? They could have come from any number of countries, and willingly I might add.

Are all American white people EuroAmerican or hmmm...middle eastern American?

Why is it okay for blacks to call whites crackers and honkeys? Whites aren't "white" isn't that like calling a black "colored" ....just wondering....


This is just another.example of what the white race has to go through everyday. We always hear how people don't understand what blacks have to endure all the time for being black.

But I think most of us whites can say we also deal with how it feels for the color of our skin. Yet it seems acceptable when blacks do it to us. I could go on for ever. One last comment to the black leaders.

Keep it going and continue to hold back blacks from ever advancing. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are two of the main ones.


:cry You sound completely and utterly ignorant. And where do you live where there is consistent, "reverse racism?" Seriously, shut your computer down and pick up a book.

Educate yourself. Please.