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Many things but mostly they need more help. General Customer Service is very poor.

My main complaint is drug refills are not filled in a timely manner (especially if a Dr's renewal is required). Several times they never submit the request the first time. When I contact Dr as to why they did not renew the prescription, they state they never received a request. Many times I have to make at least two trips to pick up one prescription.

Then once I get there I have a long wait before I am waited on. One time I was waiting on a blood pressure prescription to be refilled. I waited two days longer than what they said it would take and it still wasn't ready.

The reason stated was they just haven't had time to unpack the box of drugs they ordered. They wanted me to wait another couple of days.

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I can tell you that faxing, e-requesting a script is as easy as hitting a button on the computer. when you call in you're refill and put the # in if it does not have refills the computer automatically faxes the dr.

It's not like the old days when we had to scan a piece of paper and wait for the sound of their fax reading the info. It's all computerized. if you're dr didnt receive the request it's because there was a problem with the phone line -OR- the dr. works in 2 different offices and it was faxed to the wrong one.

But if that was the case some one from that office should have faxed back to fax it to the other office. So do you really think "they" didn't fax your rx? the very second you request it, the computer faxes it. I've had people call and say they didn't realize they didn't have refills on that rx but they have a paper rx the dr gave them at the last appointment and to not worry about faxing the dr.

But it's too late there is no way for us to stop it. So you need to ask before you accuse people of purposely stopping you from getting your blood pressure medicine.

And as for that you can get what they call an emergency supply on most meds (not controlled) so it's not like you had to go without. just ask your dr to give you a rx with enough refills to last until your next appointment, problem solved, that easy.


No you don't have to make more than one trip to pick up one prescription. Call ahead and see if it is ready. Problem solved.