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I've been getting my prescriptions since January of 2017 and they never have my medicine and are constantly having to order them making me pick my prescriptions up at different times. They treat you like a drug addict if you get pain medications.

They even monitor when you pick up your pain medications. They constantly give you the run around when you can pick your medications up and on my regular medications they never give me any notice they are ready for pickup. The way they treat someone on pain medications is absolutely ridiculous. I have never had such problems with any other pharmacy but this one.

I used to use Walgreens years ago and I quit going to them for this reason here. And now I remember why I quit going to this one particular pharmacy. The other walgreens don't give me any trouble just the one in my area.

They should not be allowed to treat their patients the way they do. Like I said it's absolutely ridiculous.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Next time, don't even bother arguing with a technician. She cannot make a decision.

Ask for a pharmacist or pharmacy manager. If it doesn't solve the problem, tell her you will call corporate, or district manager or give them lowest score on customer service survey.

Pretty sure that they will succumb to any demand that you want. Walgreens highly values customer loyalty and they will do anything for a customer, especially those in management positions who need to keep their jobs.


I quit going to walgreens after they got fined 80miliion for being greedy a few years ago and started treating me like a drug dealer or drug addict and I am a cancer survivor and have a neurological disease..They would always cut me short saying I had to take what they had or wait and if I take what they have I cant get the rest..I would ask when they would have it all and they would say the couldn't tell me ????? then 2 P.O.S who was working there forgot or didn't care to turn off the intercom and was mocking me.I found a compound pharmacy that ALWAYS has all my medications and have them waiting for me after te doctor orders them or if I bring in a script .I have NEVER waited more than 5 minutes and they treat me like a patient not a criminal..Google " I hate walgreens" ..It amazes me they are still in business ..I drive 10 miles round trip past a walgreens that is a 8th of a mile from my home and enjoy seeing the parking lot empty .I hope they go broke.Who ever decided to treat customers like they do should be fired but I don't think they was so F walgreens.