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This is in direct violation to privacy laws. It's not about scams.

Honest people in mass use the reload cards just to live and work without all of the horrible invasion of privacy for using everything else. Bad people will use legitimate ways to do their evil regardless of what is used. So violating peoples right to privacy because there is horrible people out there won't stop any abuse. The govt needs to stop abusing peoples rights so they don't have to do *** things to stay away from them.

If the govt was honest and really protecting peoples rights, there would be no need for any of these alternate ways to pay things, people would be content using normal methods, knowing the govt is not out to get them. But unfortunately, from all of the legal cases I have read, they are violating more and more innocent law biding people every day, even though they have done nothing wrong at all. This is one more way to track and violate innocent and honest people just wanting to be left alone to live a peaceful life, not violating anyone or anything.

I feel sorry for our country if we keep going down this road. Our founding fathers said it right "any one who is willing to give up any freedom for a little security, does not deserve either one."

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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The reload limit is $500 per 24 hours. If you're not a drug dealer or money launderer then I think you wouldn't go over.

If you are legitimate then you should get a bank account with a check card, I'm sure banks would love you if you have that much money.

However if you are getting paid under the table from your job in cash and want a card then I don't feel bad for you at all. Pay some *** taxes and get a bank account.

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