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this is the 2nd time, i went into this south philly wallgreens, i told th cashier they needed for help up front . she ignored me ,when i finally got up to be checked out she said to me nothing she could do because of call outs.

i said to her when i told her you needed her you should of called manger instead you ignored me ,this store is the worst customer service i can ever encountered. that was the 2nd time i have had dealt with horrible service in that store, it should close down !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Cashier.

Reason of review: because im never going back.

Walgreens Cons: Service.

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Not so much the cashier but the bad customer service when I waited in line for over 10 minutes I told the cashier u need more help and she ignored me and I waited another 10 minutes. Then when u got up to counter I told her I waited a long time and that she should of called manager when I asked for u to get help , it's just very bad customer service if they r trying to make money in that horrible store


Doesn't make much sense. But u can get the idea, I was pissed when I wrote that due to the lousy customer service in that store !!!


Why were you blaming the cashier? As if cashiers have any control over people calling out.

If you were so upset, why not request a manager. Oh I see.

It is so much easier to antagonize an overworked cashier who is struggling to do their best. Shame on you.


Well if you are an grown up woman acting like an infant you will be ignored. She is not the one doing the scheduling and it was rude of you to take your frustration out on her.

Also how was she rude to you, she was just telling the truth. Just because it was not something that you wanted to hear does not make her rude. Also it was rude of you to interrupt, if she is busy already with someone else she is not going to call the manager.

Yeah there were many people waiting in line, but it seems you were the only one behaving like an infant. You were the rude one not her, in kindergarten we learn to wait our turn and not to interrupt when two people are talking.


I could not agree more, if I were the person that was being helped and she kept interrupting and demanding that they do something I would give her a piece of my mind.