Schiller Park, Illinois
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I have to get my meds monthly from Walgreens. I am so tired of waitng in line in the store and even the drive thru.

I have waited more than 40 minutes in the pick up ine in the store and about 30 minutes at the drive through. They must think of themselves as being like a major bank, you know, the more people in line ,the less clerks behind the counter. I have been in the store when they have 3 pick up windows with only 1 window open and about 20 people waitng in line to get served. What really *** me off when you do get up to the pick up window and the phone rings, they make me wait while they speak to the person who iss to lazy to get off their fat a_ _ es and come into the store.

I too have been called by the robo caller and told my meds would be ready at 10:01 the next day, I shoed up at the drive thru at 5:15 PM only to be told my scrip was not ready and told to come back in an hour. I ripped that clerk a new one and told her I was not moving until I got my meds, and that I had no problem blocking the drive thru lane, because they told me my scrip was suppoes to be ready at 10:01AM. Guess what, they had my scrip ready in less than 5 minutes.

We have to stand up and be heard or these big conglomerates will take advantage of us. I for one say no more.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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The staff have NO HELP. Go somewhere else before they screw up and kill you.

They have young employees, especially pharmacists who make horrible errors. RUN!


That really doesn't help you. Do you behave that way at a fast food drive thru?

Of course not. They might spit in your food. But they have your life in their hands!

Is it really smart to force them to hurry and take the chance of your life so you feel bigger than they are? Not to smart!


if you have a problem, call the 800 number. we are required to do more with less employees all the time.

pharmacy hours cut? call your assistant manager to help. Photo hours cut? assistant manager covers photo.

no cosmetic person? why are your sales down? assistant manager should be covering it.

now they want to cut my pay and tell me to be a leader. no wonder Im pissed at customers for yelling at me because I dont have enough cashiers....


Had someone try that bs and all they got was the cops coming up and telling them to move it or else. You better believe they left no problem.


I agree with Lucky, I would of left you block the drive up lane. throwing a temper tantrum is for 2 year old not adults.

Maybe you had another prescription ready and this was a new one,which ever it wasn't the clerks fault.

For shame on you for yelling at the person. How very rude!


I would have let you set there till next day and walked people behind their script. You always get why you want when you thrw temper tantrum?