Willimantic, Connecticut
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Wal-mucil fiber laxative does not even disolve in liquid and is impossible to swallow. It is literally unfit for human consumption.

I contacted the company without results. The product should immediately be pulled from store shelves and existing stock tested and then destroyed. There is no mention on the label where it is made, so a good bet is China. God only knows what's in it.

I'm thinking of sending a sample to a lab for testing.

If the results show contents other than those disclosed on the label, I'm going to sue Walgreens back into the stoneage. Our drug companies should be held to a much higher standard.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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Walgreens definitely tests their items and has high standards for their name brand. A lot of their items are made in deerfield, IL.

I've not seen a Walgreens brand product that didn't say where it was made either...

I'm pretty sure none of it is made in China either... you could always just ask Walgreens directly where it is made


Don't buy it?


I think you are from the stoneage. Listen old *** try following directions. It is made with same items as metamucil you old ***.