Paducah, Kentucky

All this company doses is cut payroll and benefits for their hourly employees, both management and non-management. Years ago they were good and

generous with their employees and have each year degraded circumstances more and more.

They do all this in the name of the recession, or supposedly to remain competitive they say. However, the highest paid employees in the stores the salaried employees such as the general managers. exas and pharmacy mangers have not lost a nickle of their salaries or bonuses.

The hourly people make contributions too, but are treayed as cattle. And if you don't like it, you have no voice, and dare you voice anything against them at all, they simply find a way to get rid of you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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The DM's and Pharmacy Supervisor's had their bonuses reduced by 50% OR MORE. Store managers, pharmacy managers and staff pharmacists bonuses have been cut.

In a busy store a pharmacist bonus could be around 5K now it is either 1K or 2K based on your evaluation. My overnight cashier recieved a 45 cent an hour pay raise, the pharmacists recieved 25 cents. So, don't think it isn't happening to everyone.

Fact check or don't complain. I hate this company as well.


I have worked for Walgreens 20 yrs . Since it was taken over by BOOT ALLIANCE (they call it a partnership).

In which WASSON received over 300 MILLION BONUS ! The company has Cut Pay (getting a bonus for 5 years instead of a raise IS A PAYCUT ), ELIMINATED OVER 5000 JOBS, CUT HEALTH INSURANCE , Closed DCs (union ones) , it goes on and on !! They have workers in the stores so bad they can barely stay open! CUSTOMER Service is NONEXISTENT !

They also Eliminated MOST Assistant Manager jobs ! Now they have ELIMINATED the Photo Manager job and pay (barely $12 hr.) Reverting this responsibility to the store Manager ( ACTUALLY expecting the LOWER PAID EX. PM TO STILL DO IT ). They are also FORCING OUT ALL DC MANAGERS , and anyone working for the company over 15 years (we are a LIABILITY, make too much, and know our rights) !

To bring in YOUNGER, UNDERPAID, UNETHICAL, NAIVE, people, whom will do WHATEVER it takes to make them Happy !

At GREAT , FINANCIAL, EMOTIONAL and PHYSICAL HEALTH , to the workers ! It is Walgreens in name only , they don't care about employees OR customers ,,, just the BOTTOM line, and Their BONUSES (over 1Billion, for signing Rite aid) !


My advice for anyone who works for walgreens you are better of starting your own business, its hard working for someone especially when you get older so start your own perfume line

its worth it you will have to make an investment but its worth the investment.


Do you think that hourly-paid employees make enough to do that? "Start a perfume line", right, like it's really that simple.

Get your head out of the clouds and get real. You sound like an ***.


I've been there 6 years it's not a good place to work. evil is the word.I'll be leaving with pleasure.

put signs outside there stores of not to shop there.

this will cost them 10 grand a week.I'm doing it in the Austin area.and soon others will follow.look into it, take$ from them.they will learn.only reason I stayed was for I was on night's. which sells needles to heroin and *** parents know this???


Management is the biggest problem with this company. They promote managers that do not know how to manage and treat employees.

I do believe this place wouldn't be so bad to work in if they only gave their employees respect and not treat them like cattle.


That's why I quit after 7 yrs!!!!!


My niece work for walgreens for 5 years and this year she's not getting any raised because her store review was down that's is very confused to me because she was employee of the month 4 times, she have excellent customer services, customers comments about her on the receipts surveys all the time ,she have customers who come in to shopping and always ask for her .Her boss excuses "our store has two bad reviews and everyone gets affected not one getting a raised this year".I call this B.S. Is all about the store performance now so it doesn't matter if you are good employee and follow the rules do everything by the book if someone also not doing you get screw in your review.

.Is that fairness to you????



Is that the reason mostly employee are leaving this company? ?? Very sad we come to shopping at Walgreen because we like and we get to know the employees so well once we come by the door we are greeting by our name and a lots employee already know what you need and how we like to packs our items I call this excellent in customers services I dont have a clue why Walgreen treat the employees so bad...shame at you Walgreen


This company is backwards and not only that but greedy, they continue to give pay cuts so that the business leaders get the annual bonus, aty store the manager spends 6 hours a week watching the cameras to see how well the employees are working, they might as well hire a bunch of felons because thats how they treat there employees, like absolute ***, most places, even a gasstation, pay more than walgreens!


i have something to say if you dont like working at walgreens i recommend either finding another career, if you cant find a career because of this bad economy my advise would be to be creative what is being creative? write your first book, make a website, or go back to college and train in the medical field, if you cant go back to college then definetly write that first book thats what i aim to do but first iam going to work on my very first website i know it will take long but if i make it iam giving my two weeks and hopefully have a normal life instead of abnormal :roll


seeker are you republican man


I found another career ***!


You must be on drugs. First, I'm a pharmacist.

It's not easy finding a job. Secondly, it doesn't have to be this way. It is only out of GREED that his company has changed so much in the last 5 years. I would suggest you check your facts.

That book better be fiction or it will be as worthless as your post.

Wikipedia Stefano Pessina.

Google "How Boots Went Rogue". It on The Guardian website.


:( the one in gainsville ga is got sorry works and run over the good one i tird of clean up alfter all the other worker ,i am a grate worker i on time i work the truck no one else will i think all the walgreem need to be clean up i turn my time out for my family this other work remove my and i tird of it


Really b? i work like im dying yet i still work at the front in the last 5 years!

no promotions, no increase. its such an insult that they took more people and work straight to photo dept. my store manager is full of b.s. the assistant managers are lazy butts.

they were constantly on the phone, read magazines, stay at the stockroom and talk. and we do the hardwork. the front cashier work from aisle 5 to aisle 9. customers are complaining because nobody at the front.

im leaving walgreens!

yahoo! im going to cvs.


I am currently a Walgreens employee. I am thinking of working for CVS.

My store manager is full of B.S., the assistant managers just talk on the phone, stay at the office, read magazines or chat with other employees. we have a lot of stolen merchandise too that people hide behind the shelves


I really hate :( Walgreens and my boss today! So mad I could just walk out and never come back but I need my income!

And my bosses new bonus got him a new car!

So they didn't do away with bonus. Off the backs of their hard working people!


Mr. Times are hard.

We are coming out of the recession. Or store is a big money maker! How can Mr. Wasson our CEO take a 36% increase and give his employees only 2.5%. down from our 3 % cost increase.

Walgreens has gone to *** since a Walgreen is no longer in charge!!!

Your better off working at McDonald's!!!


Walgreen's IS a terrible company to work for, and anyone seeking employment with them I would recommend to check with CVS or other retailers near you first. Spent two years there, thankfully, never again. Proud CVS customer now.