Paducah, Kentucky

All this company doses is cut payroll and benefits for their hourly employees, both management and non-management. Years ago they were good and

generous with their employees and have each year degraded circumstances more and more.

They do all this in the name of the recession, or supposedly to remain competitive they say. However, the highest paid employees in the stores the salaried employees such as the general managers. exas and pharmacy mangers have not lost a nickle of their salaries or bonuses.

The hourly people make contributions too, but are treayed as cattle. And if you don't like it, you have no voice, and dare you voice anything against them at all, they simply find a way to get rid of you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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i agree all the company is corrupted managers hire their baby sitters and hire their neighbours and when it come to work they dont do anything all day u have to do their jobs and they spend the day texting or sitting with her in her office and if u complain to the new district manager who live in lala land he say oh i will see and do nothing it is bottom line a *** place to work happy i left and i am working now for 2 dollars an houe more and more benefits and free insurance


Walgreen's IS a terrible company to work for, and anyone seeking employment with them I would recommend to check with CVS or other retailers near you first. Spent two years there, thankfully, never again. Proud CVS customer now.


The pay cuts have been worse and new management that rolls into the store keeps trying to fire all of there employees. Employees that have been there or 5 years they could careless.

Since the new cuts with management they are getting crazier. Open door policy my *** !!! This is what happens when corporations start not giving a *** about the employees it turns into Walmart.

Oh well they want to hire people that don't care about there jobs. Worse place ever .....!!!!


My husband has given 10 years to this company and it was all for nothing. Don't think EXAs and store mangers don't have it rough under the new regimen...

its all about the bottom line. My husband got his first bad evaluation ever with the company ...his boss said the DM called my husband a '*** artist who comes to work, works and racks in a huge amount of money and then goes home." um first off not a lot of money considering the hours and and go home isn't that what a job is... the gist of the eval was they are giving him a bad eval to minimize his raise and create a paper trail to let him go eventually because he cost too much. They moved him to a new store because the other store manger refused to write him up or give him a poor eval because he does his job and does it well.

even this manger apologized and said she has been putting it off because she feels bad.... what a horrible excuse for a company.

This company used to be one you could be proud to work for. As for the economy as an they came out with flying colors during this recession...


I'm sorry you feel this way. At least we have jobs.

Other than the cancelation of overtime for mgts, there have been no pay cuts. There have been hour reductions in stores, but no hourly rates have been reduced. The bonuses for the salaried employees are based on sales and profits. I can assure you that most of our bonuses have gone down.

They are restructuring the bonus programs and started with the corporate levels first. The store ones should change next year.

Times are not easy for anyone, but we have to do the best we can, and things will get better again one day. We could have it so much worse...


Hello *** the economy is bad which means bonus and raises are affected if you don't like it work hard and get a promotion


I too work for walgreens, and agree that it has gone too ***. But you are wrong about bonuses.

All saleried employees in the district are having bonuses cut, From regional down. The bonses not cut are the VPs which is *** cause they do nothing but come up with *** programs.

I am a store manager that fears I will lose my job any day with the way this company is run. 14 years for nothing.